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  1. Is 2.4.0 compatible with the 64-bit SP1 RC (windows6.1-KB976932-X64-INTL)?
  2. hi aviv00, is it possible to install Visual C++ Redistributable Package (2005 or 2008) if winsxs is removed? Some programs like ATI Catalyst, Logitech Setpoint and visual studio are dependant on it.
  3. Which component detects wlan -networks? Currently I have to add them manually. I have kept 'Network and Sharing Center'.
  4. I don't need WMP neither.. But I don't have access to N or E version.... They are made for EU's markets. I don't know U.S laws, but over here it's legal to download (not share) software you own licence.
  5. If you don't need windows media player too, I recommened you to download Windows 7 N-version.
  6. Jeronimo, is it possible to remove Client-Driver and/or Common-Driver package(s) and still boot to desktop? If "disable-feature:MediaPlayback" is set what's the result of that? N-spesific packages: Microsoft-Windows-Editions-ClientN-Package Microsoft-Windows-Xps-Foundation-NEdition-Package these packages do not exist in N-version: Microsoft-Windows-GPUPipeline-Package Microsoft-Media-Foundation-Package
  7. you need DHCP unless you have NAT (you can set static LAN IP) btw, how can you remove WLAN and firewall components? My installation fails if I remove them. Package removal?
  8. Jeronimo, your preset still contains all WLAN, firewall and windows update related components. We know you personally use windows update (and WLAN), but if you call this extreme you could add which components must be kept even after package removal like: -MDAC -Network and Sharing Center ? -? -? -? thanks!
  9. Jeronimo, how can you remove game explorer ( even wlan support and network and sharing center? ) without getting error during the setup?
  10. I had netsh related popups and setup aborted. Network Sharing Center or File and printer sharing needed?
  11. how about unattended section, can I use it normally?
  12. I am looking for barebone/minimum vlite component list for windows 7 RC build. Which components must be kept in order to succesfully install it without major problems? On the beta topic, there was mentioned: -Internet Explorer -Help ?? How about RC build?
  13. It would still be more than polite to give heads up if the development is halted for longer period or ended. There are a *lot* of people checking for new version every day.

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