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  1. Im not sure if weight lifting can make women's body bulky. So i google and this site says that it's incorrect 'cause women won't: http://groomfashionstyle.wordpress.com/2011/03/28/10-exercise-myths-to-get-rid-of-instantly/ *im asking for my girlfriend XD Also, the site says that doing crunches won't help removing fats around belly.. huh is it true?? I have been doing for days for this purpose...
  2. This is the excerpt from the article "How to make Windows 7 boot up and shut down faster" posted by xper on 04/14/2010. Can someone explain?
  3. Hi! Any idea for my engineering course's motto?
  4. WIKIPEDIA: I don't understand the sentence in bold. "This seems logical and useful" refers to what? I came across this question Consider a hypothetical 32-bit microprocessor having 32-bit instructions composed of two fields: the first byte contains the opcode and the remainder the immediate operand or an operand address. What is the maximum directly addressable memory capacity? Answer: An operand or operand address is in 3-bytes long (32 bits - 1 byte = 24 bits) Addressable memory= 2^24 words = 2^24 x 4 bytes = 0.0625 GB Why does not the calculation for addressable memory for byte-addressable 32-bit computer (WIKIPEDIA) exlude bit(s) for opcode like that in the question (that uses 2^24 instead of 2^32)? Byte-addressable processor doesn't have opcode?! I know that Intel 32-bit desktop processor like Pentium 4 can hold only 4GB theoritically. So is the processor in the question a word-addressable and the Pentium 4 a byte-addressable processor?
  5. Thx, I used it and now i know that i don't need paging but i still set it between 1-2GB
  6. Solution: Install the latest Adobe Flash Player, reinstall K-Lite. If you wanna know more... If you open the downloaded video file (currently Youtube flash video file cached in temporary files folder, %temp% has name with extension. With or without ext, it is a .flv video) in Temporary Files folder (%temp%), it is opened in IE and played with Adobe Flash Player, an activeX in IE. In this scenario the problem is not with K-Lite. As you said 'download it on your computer', I briefly assume that you did not copy the flash video from %temp% but rather downloaded the video to somewhere using Youtube downloader etc.. In this case, if the playback has problem when it is opened not within %temp% folder, this is K-Lite related. Reinstall the program will resolve.
  7. Sorry because I might be annoying. I just wanna be clear about everything to get what I want and avoid anything unwanted happens. I want a recovery disc that recover only what I want and it must include my programs as well so that once my Windows is recovered I can do my works immediately. Thank you for taking time to read and answer! (1)Hi. By using Windows Backup & Restore, can I create a system image/recovery discs that backup (can restore): Windows files and default folders (as mentioned in the Help file, Default Windows folders include AppData, Contacts, Desktop, Downloads, Favorites, Links, Saved Games, and Searches) or essentially, OS Program Files ??? I just wanna create recovery discs (not just backup) of my OS, user settings and my programs. I don't want to include personal files and other drives. Question for scenario in which Program Files will be included (Optional): If some program files of mine are not installed in the default folder (Program File), is it going to be included as well? (2) Here, my question is essentially what does a system repair disc backup/restore? Or it merely repair my OS and won't affect my programs, program files in Program Files folder, other files and drives? Will the disc include my programs and user settings as well? THANK YOU
  8. Wow. I set it to 1024-2048mb paging size for observation. I seldom play game on this pc. I only have nvidia 9500gt 512mb and the most often game, well, most often but not very often game I play is l4d2. It's not until my C:/ ran out of space in less than 700mb would I touch it..
  9. hi, I have 5gb ddr2 800mhz ram. Is it enough for me to disable file paging? I haven't tried. Wondering if disabling it will significant slow down..
  10. yes, this is exactly what i am saying.. those filenames are just for descriptive purpose.. sorry for not informing as long as it can delete them, a vbs will do, though i prefer batch more Thanks MrJinje
  11. can i create a command/batch that, in a folder that contains subfolders of many levels, automatically delete all the files that are named as the corresponding folder and subfolders? For example, In my pendrive, there're folders A and B, B has folders C and D. I want to delete A.exe, B.exe, C.exe and D.exe in the corresponding folders, by launching a command/batch file in the root of my pendrive or in the root of A. It's a virus.
  12. hardware's living thing? hmm... that says that i have to scare the other faulty drive until it starts working diassembling may make sth right again
  13. oh, a surprise to me too. The pics are taken at the second disassembly. After reassembling, it became fine just like that... an obliviously solved problem.. but the same problem is on another drive... The tutorials from the links are great!

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