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  1. Hotfix folder?

    That's what I see in the .../SoftwareDistribution/download folder I've looked for the numbers (find/F3 and manually) in the WindowsUpdate.log but I can't find them anywhere and I know that there are more than 7 updates I've installed. The bullitin thingie I know about and I had thought about just googling all the KB****** numbers in the WindowsUpdate.log so that I could download them one by one but hoped there was an easier way. Anyway, I think I'll wait a bit more and see what you come up with and if it doesn't help me, I'll start downloading all the updates manually. When done, if you want them so you can post them somewhere, I'll be happy to send them/upload them so you can download them although I'm not sure I'll get them all.
  2. Will you be upgrading to Windows 7?

    Tried it and didn't like it. When they stop updating XP I'll have a look at it but until then I don't think I'll be upgrading. Then again, my linux boxes haven't been updated for a while either... if it ain't broke don't try and fix it K.I.S.S
  3. Hotfix folder?

    Looked through the folder but to no avail, there're no installers there that I can use for my slim edition . The link you provided is for Windows xp SP3 and not for xp X64 though but good ideas that I haven't thought of anyway. So another question, can I install XP X64 again, download updates automatically and before I install them copy them to another drive for later use? I know it's wrong of me to ask a new question in the middle of a post and I apologize for it beforehand.
  4. Hotfix folder?

    So, I want to make a slim install CD of my XP X64, the one I have installed is updated with everything except IE8 and Windows Search thingie. I wanted to do this by using nLite so that I can incorporate some drivers for my hardware, the updates/hotfixes, remove some of the things I don't use on this PC like printers and such. Now I'd like to know where Windows saves all the KB******.msi files so that I can use them in the build I'm making. I'm hoping that I don't have to go through the hassle of downloading them one by one but if that's the case, where do I find a complete list of the updates all in one place?