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Windows 7 & vLite *DEPRECATED*


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I studied all of posts here, about vLite-ing Win 7 so I'm joining. I used Home Premium 32bit, 64bit will be soon..

In my own test, I vLited my RC 7100 to 1,18 GB, I thing this is good result for one-year old vLite.

I post my universal preset, no problems during install, tested on Virtual PC 07.

I left Czech unchecked, system is designated to (maybe for) my Laptop.

Important: Windows Update removed, its useless for me now. Same thing for next "Needed components". This is only test to preview and investigate critically needed components in main release of OS. Also, I tested it with Dependent

component removal method, I use it for "Mass Tuning".

Unattended not included, originally set czech as main keyboard input, not set here.

Estimated ISO capacity: 1,18 GB, installed (I presume) something about 2-5 Gigs WITH Pagefile (and maybe Hibernation cache aka Hiberfile.sys).

In tweaks, Paging executive disabled for less HDD load. You can disable it if needed...

Please report back via PM if something fail I'll try to repair. Thanks


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A little off-topic, but this may prove useful: If you want to compact your hard drive (ie drive compression) look at this:


(Hope I'm not violating any rules by posting that, it isn't wimfltr or wimgapi or anything)

This is a free app that uses UPX to recursively compress EXE, DLL, PYD, BIN and other binaries in a given folder. Simply select the root of your hard drive and let it go overnight! You will get some access denied errors, so maybe using takeowns and/or icacls can fix that. I remember this taking about 1-2 gigs of my Vista partition about a year ago, share with me how it worked for you.

***Use at your own risk. I shouldn't need to even say that but sometimes a system file could potentially be corrupted.

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Maybe there is small solution with Win Integrator. I have this prog and its little bit.. uncompleted. IE still cant be deleted.. I thing this is good vLite follower when it will be usable for everyone and small thing here: component description (and dependency) is nowhere...

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Guest MSFNorg

What's that unknown icon on the Desktop after I first logged on to Windows? I tried the elite preset on 32-bit RTM build.

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===== Postº1 =====


@ MSFNorg use below reg file to remove.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;Remove Empty Desktop Icon

===== Postº2 =====

anyone know which files i need to keep/protect for the On Screen Keyboard?


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Recomended use

Modify the removal.bat to fit your needs (just in case you forgot)

Integrate Language pack

Packages removal

vLite (normal run)

Cleanup of files and folders

vLite (dummy run: reduce image size after cleanup)

Test on a secondary partition or to a virtual environment (such as VMware)

Afterwards use the regsvr32-command to make safe-removal of external drives work (see removal.bat).

hi, i've been trying this method but its not working for me. i edited the batch file to match my needs, then batch file completes successfully. and later on when i try to run vlite to remove other packages as mentioned in the Excel file, i keep getting this error as shown in the picture. even if i don't remove anything using vlite, then also i get this error. any ideas :(?


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There are a few bugs I found in my Batch-file. Maybe that is the reason. I am however still testing .NET removal before I can make it available.

could you just give a hint of those bugs? or is it related to the removal of some necessary package?

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Regadring the integration, hotfixes don't work either. Obvious incompatibility of vLite and W7.

**** I wish someone made a similar program specifically for 7.

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