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  1. thats related to Software Protection service. if u disable it the not genuine watermark shows up
  2. you are using Ultimate and check this, it is in your batch file REM Image Index (pre-vLite: 1 HomeStarter, 2 Home Premium, 3 Professional, 4 Ultimate) set II=2
  3. i found it, it was caused by "PhotoPremiumPackage".
  4. ok, thanks for the info. i also prefer VLC player, but i keep media player as secondary option. anyway, i'll try to solve the issues myself if no further information is available.
  5. any help on this problem? jeronimo, anyone
  6. i faced that error when i changed any of the services' startup type, i stopped doing that and it worked fine for me since then. but i've another question . i didn't want to remove windows picture viewer and media player, but when i try to use them i get the errors "picture printing is not available without the desktop experience feature" and "the program can't start coz MF.dll is missing from your computer. try reinstalling the program to fix this problem" respectively. can anyone tell me which removed component is causing this?
  7. try after without modifying any of the services' startup mode.
  8. for adding the Updates, modify the batch file according to this:
  9. whenever i use vlite after using the batch file, i always get the error that "system can not find the file specified" when vlite is rebuilding the image. the errors comes around 1100 MB or so. anybody have idea? i'm working with Ultimate x86 edition.
  10. the tool is quite slow as compared to vlite.
  11. +1 isn't it possible to add the hotfixes using DISM?
  12. could you just give a hint of those bugs? or is it related to the removal of some necessary package?
  13. hi, i've been trying this method but its not working for me. i edited the batch file to match my needs, then batch file completes successfully. and later on when i try to run vlite to remove other packages as mentioned in the Excel file, i keep getting this error as shown in the picture. even if i don't remove anything using vlite, then also i get this error. any ideas ?

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