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What is the best Windows File Copy alternative ?


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Hi every one, :hello:

I discovered recently this kind of software and I would like to have your opinion on the subject. :sneaky:

Are they really effective ?

Here are the most famous softwares I found.

Tera copy



Total Copy









And I think Maybe sone of view use softwares like TotalCommander and Xplorer² or even a windows shell alternative !

So please tell me. What is the best ?:rolleyes:

Thx :rolleyes:

PS:Sorry for my english :wacko:

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If we're going command line, I vote robocopy

yeah robocopy rules the command line. i wish teracopy could be executed from command line without and install as easily as robocopy.

if you want to replace the whole explorer shell, Dopus is awesome (though paying for it isnt)

Messerschmitt, though vista copy dialogs are step in the right direction over XP, teracopy has more options when a file conflicts (overwrite, skip, all etc), can be set to always on top, can pause/resume during a transfer(even if interupted), and when copying more than 1 set to/from the same volume, teracopy will wait for the first to finish before starting the next set. Windows XP/Vista will just copy when told to even if it slows down the other transfers.

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