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  1. I have to run a command automatically at startup. For this, I use a CMD file. The problem is the program needs internet connection. If it doesn't, then it will timeout and exit. When Windows logs on, the network connection is not available yet (DHCP). Can I do something like: loop a command to check internet connection (an address like www.google.com), and when it's available, do the rest of the commands?
  2. Is there a registry entry that can be changed to remove the Vista navigation pane?
  3. I want to apply some registry tweaks that go in HKCU. I prefer that these settings apply to all users and not just one. I know I can modify the registry offline using regedit -> load hive, but I don't know what file to load (from the mounted "install.wim" image), the file that corresponds to HKCU and that applies to all created users.
  4. The switches I use are /quiet /norestart. WUA can be installed either with SVCPACK or GUIRunOnce.
  5. I already used nLite to disable automatic updates and others, but I still have to remove the tray notifications regarding automatic updates and security center. What registry entries do I need to add?
  6. Yes. I used this on XP, but it should work on Vista: sc Config <service name> start= disabled - for each service I want to disable The service names can be found in services.msc, under "Service name" (not "Display name").
  7. If you're interested in performance, then the best thing to do is deactivate unneeded processes. Removing files won't do much but create future problems (read this and the nLite subforum and see all the threads). You can create a batch file to disable processes, and if you run into trouble you can always re-enable them. The batch file can be run after your installation completes. By removing files from the source disk, when you run into an unexpected problem, the only chance to resolve it is to reinstall using a clean and complete Vista source disk. BTW, Vista Basic is sufficient if all you want is a good working operating system and you're not interested in "eye candy" (such as Aero). RTM = Release To Manufacturing
  8. Actually, this is the installer without the two "extras". You can check here and see the one with the smallest file size (~25 MB). You can also modify the package using Adobe Customization Wizard 9 to remove other "bloats" (start-up item, shortcuts etc.).
  9. If nuhi won't be working on it anymore, it should be open-sourced. An open-source project is better than a dead project.
  10. I use VirtualDub for AVI, MPEG1, and for the rest, AVIDemux.
  11. How about a test that shows if there is a performance gain after defragmenting?
  12. Micro contains only Burning ROM and Express.
  13. Are the configuration options backwards compatible (keep settings from older module)?
  14. Personally, I use ImgBurn. It's lightweight (almost 2 MB), portable (I can keep my settings). Once you get used to the interface, you can work fast with it because it's fast loading. It's also the only freeware burner that doesn't have many bugs (I also tried CDBurnerXP, InfraRecorder, Ashampoo Burning Studio, Deep Burner, CDRTFE and others).
  15. In the latest Micro build (1.3), the "Nero Express" shortcut in the Start Menu is not working.
  16. I figured it out, but it doesn't work as expected: The file is an executable which installs, then asks for a restart (it needs restart). I added the file in "install.wim", under <root>\DIR\file.exe. To execute the file, I tried two things: a ) Windows\Setup\Scripts\SetupComplete.cmd - %SYSTEMDRIVE%\DIR\file.exe. The file is executed, but I can't see any GUI. Just black screen and the cursor. I believe the SetupComplete makes the window hidden. This way, the only way to continue setup is to manually reset the machine. b ) FirstLogonCommands\SynchronousCommand under Autounattend.xml - <CommandLine>%SYSTEMDRIVE%\DIR\file.exe</CommandLine>. It executes, the GUI is visible and it waits a key for restart. The problem is that after I press a key, during the time Windows "starts" the restart, Windows setup tasks begin to run (personalized settings for ...) until Windows is interrupted. The ideal way to run setup and install the application is to start executing the file, but continue Windows setup without waiting for my program to close. After setup is complete, the GUI of the program is active and awaits pressing of a key. After that, restart. To achieve this, I changed the execution of the file with the "start" command (<CommandLine>start %SYSTEMDRIVE%\DIR\file.exe</CommandLine>). But this time, it didn't run at all. So what should I use to complete without interruption both Windows setup and my program?
  17. I need to: 1) copy a file during install to the Windows folder; 2) execute that file at first logon; it needs administrator privileges. After setup completes, I made it logon automatically with the admin acount. UAC is also disabled. The setup disk is Vista SP1 x86. Can you tell me what tools I need and how to use them, or point to a thread that helps me?
  18. At least for me, Virtual CloneDrive is much better: - smaller install - no adware in the installer - doesn't require a restart to function - up to 8 virtual drives One downside is that it doesn't support .NRG and other proprietary formats. Another freeware virtual drive manager that I like is MagicDisc. It has the same advantages as the one above, plus the interface is like Daemon Tools. It supports .NRG and others.
  19. Is there a reason for using the current file host? The speed is just terrible. Could you try MediaFire, USA Upload or other host that doesn't limit the download speed very much?
  20. I use DoPDF. It's small (1.6 MB), doesn't require other software (Ghostscript) and it's updated regulary (last version released 6 days ago).

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