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  1. Hi everybody, I just installed Windows 8.1 and my memory consumption has increased significantly, probably due to some services settings I need to dig into. But I am very curious to see if I am the only one affected by this and how does windows 8.1 behave on average. So if you don't mind, I'm conducting this little poll to see what is, on a wide range of computers, the windows 8.1 memory usage Thank you very much -Matt PS: I should precise this concern the 64bit version !
  2. Hi, I have a small request, maybe already mentioned. It's the ability to extract multiple archive files at the same time in the same folder. thx
  3. oh year, it's back in ! good!
  4. Hi, I just reinstalled windows and i can't download UE, the link is dead for me, can you upload it somewhere else ? Thx
  5. hey guys ! I am currently building my version of windows vista home premium SP2 with vlite, and I would like to keep the activation of the sony version that I have. I am aware of ABR (activation backup restore?) and I would like to know if there is a way to include the two files it gives, directly into my unattended Windows Vista. Also I have all the drivers that I need to reinstall on my computer. How does it really works with vlite, I add them then what? Are they going to silent-install or the folders are just going to be past on the disk ? If anyone could give me a GOOD tutorial on silentinstall with vlite that would be fantastic. It's not obvious for a novice like me. Thx for the answers Bye Ps:sorry if I made some english mistakes. I'm french
  6. Hi everybody I was wondering if the fact to change the processor priority of an application would have real consequences. So In a deep search I've found this little program : PowerMenu witch allow to change the processor priority without the going by the task manager. Whatever, My question is: Is the fact to change the processor priority is really effective ???? thx for the answers. bye
  7. Ok thank you everybody for all these answers. I think it's very clear that TeraCopy is the number one !
  8. Hi every one, I discovered recently this kind of software and I would like to have your opinion on the subject. Are they really effective ? Here are the most famous softwares I found. Tera copy http://www.codesector.com/teracopy.php Total Copy http://www.ranvik.net/totalcopy/ FastCopy http://www.ipmsg.org/tools/fastcopy.html.en SuperCopier http://supercopier.sfxteam.org/modules/mydownloads/ And I think Maybe sone of view use softwares like TotalCommander and Xplorer² or even a windows shell alternative ! So please tell me. What is the best ? Thx PS:Sorry for my english
  9. thx for the answers evry thing is clear now B) bye
  10. Hi there ! 0 _ First of all i would like to thank you to offering this alternative. I used Winrar & Winzip on my computer before finding this exceptional Universal Extractor. Well, I have few suggestions that are maybe caused by the previous softwares, that I had used to work with. These concern mainly the graphical interface. I put numbers, it's easier to quote in this way... 1 _ Well that would be nice if we could choose on witch files we want the integration shell. For example I don't want to see "uniextract there" on shortcut Icon. 2 _ To Regroup the options in the shell context menu 3 _ Have a possibility to see what is in the archive without extracting it. 4 _ That is absolutely off topic (and I'm sorry for that) but even if this software is called universal"extractor" that would be really great to have the possibility to "Compress" ! 5 _ Sorry for my english, I'm french and still learning the Shakespeare's language. 6 _ Thanks to reading me. 7 _ see you soon

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