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  1. Drugwash: I have the very same files in my IE6 package. Besides updates they are the latest afaik.
  2. Thanks PROBLEMCHYLD that indeed solved my issue. =]
  3. Seems to be working good so far, the only problems I found is with TweakUI and trying the option to repair associations, it asks for the disk with the service pack. Also sometimes on rebooting I get windows file protection warning. on another note here is a patch for transparency of icon labels. It is ONLY for shell32.dll version 4.72.3812.717 offsets and bytes are in hex offset patch 11cbf 33 c9 49 89 4d 08 90 11d2b 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 This patch will NOT work with any other shell32.dll version, so don't even try it. It is not perfect, if you drag a window over top of them it makes a bit ugly, but refreshing the desktop fixes it. If anyone can improve on it, feel free.
  4. jaclaz: LOL Mijzelf: that IS what 32 bit color is. Go look it up... However I am not here to argue... so save the trolling for 4chan.
  5. actually it's 24 bits color and 8 bits of alpha... but again this discussion is besides the point of the thread.
  6. Excellent, will give this a go and report anything I find good or bad! =]
  7. Ok, thanks to those folks who made useful replies, and didn't hi-jack the thread into a discussion about personal preferences and image quality arguments. I will try the default monitor, and lower the refresh rate to 60hz and see if that helps. If not I'll try some other nvidia driver versions and clean them out first with driver sweeper. Yes the drivers are for win98, otherwise they wouldn't install or work at all. :EDIT: Setting the refresh rate to 60hz worked! thanks =]
  8. My monitor was something like $2000 when it was new (21" CRT, up to 120hz refresh) it works fine in Windows 2000 and XP at those settings. Anyways, it works perfectly fine in 98SE at 16 bit color 1600x1200/85hz, I just haven't used 98 in 10+ years. So maybe I remember it wrong being able to do 32 bit, possibly it was 24 bit color it could do at the time. Thanks for your reply, it got me thinking about some things. As for the upgrades they are working fine at current settings, I just wanted 24/32 bit color if possible =] I have hundreds of games for win9x and dos I want to play again (real ones, not pirated!) so I decided to setup my legacy box for it, just getting familiar with 98 again, I'm very very experienced in 2k and above.
  9. It's been along time since I used Windows 98SE, but I've installed it again on my legacy machine on an extra HD so I can play some of my old games. I have a bit of a problem, I cannot set 32 bit color depth even though it's available through the video settings and also the nvidia taskbar icon. I just get a black screen, and it doesn't revert after 15 seconds. I have to go into safe mode and reset it. Is it a problem with the drivers or Windows98SE, and are there any solutions anyone knows to this problem? Here's a rundown of my hardware: ASUS TUV4X Motherboard, bios 1006.002 beta, VIA 133T Apollo Pro chipset - Driver Version 5.11/5.13 Intel Pentium III-S Tualatin 1.4ghz SL6BY 1 GB Crucial RAM 2*512MB sticks 3-2-2-6 - Interleave enabled via WPCRset BFG/NVIDIA 6600 AGP 256MB at 2X - 64MB Aperture - Driver Version 81.98 Hitachi SuperScan 814 Monitor - Driver from 2000 Creative Sound Blaster Live! Value CT4830 - Driver Version emu10k1 Maxtor Diamondmax 120GB HD Realtek RTL8139 NIC Plextor PX-W5224A CDRW Lite-On LH-20A1H DVDRW Everything works fine in Windows2000 and WIndowsXP. (Just different HD's) As for software, I have just a few thing's installed, Diskeeper 9, Daemon Tools 3.47, CloneCD, ISOBuster, Nero, Firefox, Java Runtime, the service pack beta4 on the forums, and most of the updates recommended by mdgx, as well as Plus!98. FFDShow, Reclock, AC3Filter and Media Player Classic are the only video related things installed. Some misc utils like process explorer and autoruns.
  10. CD/DVD Authoring/Recovery Tools CloneCD http://www.slysoft.com/en/download.html ISOBuster http://www.filehippo.com/download_isobuster/1265/ Audio Tools Exact Audio Copy 0.99pb5 (sorry no link)
  11. While your at this, why not patch the ram limit on PAE, original win2k did not have the limit. (> 4gb). How about adding some of the debugging api which is required by newer games also. dbghelp.dll and some other dll's from the debugging kit or XPSP3 are drop in compatible also. This would help out a lot with developing on the OS. win2k forever.
  12. I'd say motherboard, cpu and ram... If i920 is out of the question... then I'd go with Q6850 or so. I don't know if your DDR2 6400 is going to work with that, I kind of doubt it, but DDR2 is cheap right now (4 gigs under $80). X48 or P45 chipset motherboard (X48 preferred)... asus or gigabyte.
  13. Disc Copy Fast, it makes .dcf images.
  14. Noise, you've said everything I could possibly think of in a clear and concise way. At least someone understands exactly what a lot of power users/admins mean. Point and click was the most simple basic, and useful idea ever implemented in a graphical UI, why break what it not broken I will never know. It was designed to get away from having to type into the console (or search box if you will)... this is a step backwards and not forwards. What was once 2 steps and and some mouse movement, has now degraded into several steps... to me it's the same as opening the RUN box and typing in what I want to run, this is not productive at all. I may as well go back to using dos shell and setting environment variables for search paths Who is using archaic mode now? Hmm?
  15. Microsoft often "fix" things that aren't broken, under the disguise of "improvement". Obviously they don't pay any attention to what non-home users want from the OS. There has been plenty of IT professionals demanding the classic start menu as well as classic search... they just don't listen. It's not much code, why remove it... it's silly. I also hate the "IE" look of explorer, with cookie crumb navigation, and a preview pane you can't disable (which just wastes window space). DX11? who cares, no one even cares about DX10 yet. Well, before I make this into too big of a win7 rant... I'll stop here.
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