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Never had a nice green monochrome monitor, did ya? :P In fact, I've used one around 5 years ago (on a univac system)...

Hmm, just counting "PC" style, I've got four green-on-black monochrome monitors! Two are IBM 5151's (from the original IBM PC's 5150 series) and two off brand. I've also got two amber-on-black monochrome monitors in storage (I always hated the amber ones) and one of those "looks like a portable TV set" green monochrome monitors for an Apple II+.

That doesn't count the several green mono monitors I've got for the CP/M computers!

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I scored higher than I 'should' but that's because I am interested in a lot of things. I'm just not good at any particular one of them. The test actually covers a lot of territory and increased my geekiness score.

I gave myself an extra point because there was a check box for something to do with Arthur C. Clarke and I didn't know the answer to that but I do know what the Clarke Belt is and how it got it's name. :P

cluberti would have done better but he doesn't own a real lightsaber...........yet.


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