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  1. Wow there are ALOT OF NEAT THINGS LISTED THERE!!! Thank you very much
  2. Yup they keep making stupid/UN-NEEDED changes to these basic programs!!!!! (Makes ya wonder if they are doing it ON PURPOSE!!)
  3. I last watched Halloween 2 this morning...
  4. Well for instance I have the first release (ORIGINAL RECORDING) of Friday the 13th (1980) and I love it!!!!I like the original look and feel of a movie.... (If I can get it)
  5. I last watched Ferris Buellers Day off - 1986 Ya VESTRON is quite good for sure.... I have the movie CLASS OF 1999 from them and its also the unrated one luckily! (I wasnt sure when I ordered that if i would get R or unrated)Im looking for ENEMY OF THE STATE (1998) --The only ones i have found are "DIGITALLY MASTERED" copies and I dont like that... I consider myself A 'PURIST',i like originality of things!! (I like to see a movie how it looked/sounded WHEN IT FIRST CAME OUT) Ill check that site you listed and see if they have that movie... Thank you
  6. Hmmmmmmmm the tape was censored bud?? I love VHS,i collect it!! (I much prefer ANALOG over ANYTHING DIGITAL) Here is the original VESTRON VIDEO release.... I wonder if that one is RATED R OR UNRATED?? (Unrated would probably include everytihng) http://www.ebay.com/itm/310594321996 I assume that this original 1972 version IS MUCH BETTER than that new one!! I havent ever seen the original.......
  7. You should have that file Andy! (I just checked and I have it (Version 4.2.2209.0 (In system directory))) If you want I can place it somewhere for you to obtain EDIT: I forgot your on Win95.. I dunno if my version would work for ya or not.... (I hope the above works!!)
  8. I last watched Six days Seven nights - 1998
  9. Right now I have WPDH on http://provisioning.streamtheworld.com/pls/wpdhfmaac.pls They said LED ZEPPLIN is coming on next .. I wonder WHICH ZEPPLIN song it will be??
  10. Ahhhhh its good to do that my friend and NO i dont blame Andrew either
  11. Exactly Steve!!! Thats why I wont use skype now!!!!!!! (They ruined it.....NOTHING GOOD ABOUT SKYPE ANYMORE)
  12. Hehe thats interesting...... When I edited the version # in the file it wouldnt run!!
  13. Im listening to my Country Express record Current song: Three hearts in a tangle
  14. Well why does version not connect?? DID THEY CHANGE SERVERS WITH THE 1.O AND NEWER VERSIONS?? Ill look @ the PDF you supplied!
  15. Its interesting that Steve can get 1.3.066 to connect whill other versions wont.... What exactly did they change? Steve did you try any versions below 1.0?? ( for instance) EDIT: What if they are checking the program USER AGENT and you change your skype user agent to the one Steve can connect with?? (1.3.066) EDIT2: I tried version and i couldnt connect I added "0 ui.skype.com" to my host file and of course the update alert didnt come...... But I still couldnt connect..... I opened a hex editor and tried to change the version ID to and when i ran the program it said the file was corrupted and wouldnt run.. (I forgot they have the file checking the exact amount of data in it when its run)
  16. Wow 1.3 works???? I wonder if the 0.x clients are working again!!!!! I think if I was gonna try skype again I would use GWCONNECT to avoid any of microsofts spyware they have put in it..... (If i couldnt get an earlier skype client working (from before they took over)) Thank you bud,i had forgotton what it was!!! I might wanna add: If someone DOES NOT HAVE '' pointed to ''LOCALHOST'' in the host file,use ZERO instead (0 ui.skype.com)
  17. I forgot what it was but there is a way to block that update check using the HOST FILE... My favourite version of Skype was They changed it and all the 1.x versions WILL NOT RUN ON 98se! (@ least on mine) The next version I could run flawlessly was -- BUT ITS QUITE OVERBLOATED!! (19 megs installed) I think all they did was change the server the original clients were connecting to?? (Might be able to edit the file somehow....WOULD BE INTERESTING) But to be frank now that Microsoft owns it,I WOULD NOT USE IT!!
  18. Im sorry you had problems my friend and Im glad your back up and running You should have ALL FILES in your cab files!! I have version 6.0.2800.1106 (386k) and version 4.70.1155 (36k) The second is for Adobe Photodeluxe.. I wonder: if your computer is using v4.72x of this file WOULD MY COPY WORK FOR YOU? (Since its higher than 4.72 it might) If ya wanna try it ill put it up here for you to DL
  19. TaskInfo 1.0 http://web.archive.org/web/19990204050534/http://www.iarsn.com/tskinf10.zip Shows interesting info about running processes..... (Just found this today,looks interesting) -- Creates 1 key under CURRENT USER/SOFTWARE under the authors name..... (iarsn) No need to INSTALL just extract and run! (There is a SETUP.exe but you dont have to do it)
  20. Any Ideas my friend how to remove an update from the radio?? I signed up for a 30 day trial of XM radio and my radio wouldnt play the streams.. (Says 'UNABLE TO PLAY' when I try any of them) -- I went to UPDATE FIRMWARE and it said there was an update so i accepted it...... THE RADIO STILL DOESNT PLAY THE XM STREAMS!! (I think its looking for the original WMA streams they used to have) I DO NOT LIKE WHAT THIS UPDATE DID TO MY RADIO... It adds a MY HISTORY tab and a few other things I dont care for.... I CANNOT GET THIS UPDATE OFF!! (I just took it thinking the radio would then play XM) I tried doing a FACTORY RESET but it deosnt take the update off.... Isnt doing "Factory reset" like re-installing an OS?? I dunno......... If i can I wanna get rid of this update! (I liked it better the way it was before!!)
  21. Right now im listening to 560 CFOS http://provisioning.streamtheworld.com/pls/cfosamaac.pls Current song: You cant hurry love
  22. I last saw JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH - 1959 Excellent movie!!!!! I saw it in the trash pile @ Goodwill yesterday (If stuff doesnt move fast enough they dump it.. (I still paid for it)) Im surprised there wasnt a thread like this here already. (I did search cause I dont like to repost if a thread is here already)
  23. Well thank you XPer Its nice to have all parts of this site working!

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