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SFXMaker 1.3.1 Final - a Switchless Installer maker


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Did u read "license.txt" inside sfxmaker's Zip file..

there is written that :

You may not alter or modify SFXMaker in any way or create a installer for it.

so respect the creator and read license...

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great app!! extremely useful! thanks!!

here is a rapidshare mirror for this incase anyone wants it..

Installer.. http://rapidshare.com/files/130038299/SFXMaker_0.7_Beta_installer.exe

Zip Archive.. http://rapidshare.com/files/130038401/SFXMaker_0.7_beta.zip

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I make a quick test and is a good tool right now. But how about making the switchless installer from a folder and then specifying the setup file to launch and its switches?

I tried to compress an entire folder using a folder as installer path and writing the setup.exe /switches in the switches. Your program compressed the files well but it couldn't launch the setup.exe file saying it wasn't found.

If you can work on this, it could be great for people like me that makes repacks or admin installs. This way, you can make your program to compress an entire folder and then launching a setup file.

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