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SFXMaker 1.3.1 Final - a Switchless Installer maker


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Hi :)

In your case, SFXMaker cannot recognize the silent switches of the installer.

The detection engine is a bit outdated, will be updated in the next version.

Until then, the best choice for you is to search for switches online :)

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Thanks for your answer, iuli_kyle

Windows 7 suggest to remove the SFX Installer.

Norton Security validate the downloaded files but when I unzip the zip file: Trojan.Gen is detected - 7zs.sfx - and all files are removed .

Here is the warning popup. I hope this can be solved!


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I'm on Windows 7 64-bit with Nod32 installed. I downloaded and installed SFXMaker and there was no warning at all about anything malware. I assume you are using Microsoft Security Essentials ?

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