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  1. Thank you for the very nice piece of software and I will keep an eye out for updates.
  2. UXTender 1.2

    Thanks for this great tool. What language is it coded in?
  3. I can't get XP to use less than 40 MB RAM...

    It would help if you showed what services & processes you had running. Try disabling all but the core services : Event Log Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Windows Audio Make sure you know what you are doing if you decide to do this...
  4. [Info] Future of XPize

    Thanks for all your hard work XPero. I'd love to see XPize continue to get updated. There are a few bug fixes/changes to be made to XPize.NET 0.1 ALPHA especially with SP3?
  5. HDAudio problem!

    I am currently using R1.86 with no problems. A better explaination of the error you get would help. If I were you I would just use 1.84 and wait for the next release and try again.
  6. nLite 1.3 Final - Gas Powered Commander

    I keep getting this bug with the user accounts when using nLite on XP Home OEM. On nLite, when there is only 'Administrator' & 'Guest' under Users, it says there is a limitation in XP Home. So I create a new account and put it in the Administrators group then complete the process and make the ISO. When I install, it create the account but it is a limited account and it also creates another account called 'Owner' which is in the administrators group. Thanks nuhi.