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  1. its still up on that forum, but its a pretty much blank forum anyway with no active users lol... http://www.reckonstech.com/index.php/topic/39-rt-windows-customizer-10-beta/
  2. gb2100

    Addons Problem

    ive just tried a fresh new source and i only added ccleaner, winrar, klite codec pack and firefox v7.0.0.1 addons which where all downloaded from this forum (cant remember exactly which posts though) but as before ccleaner and winrar were in the windows components list and klite and firfox installed perfectly. ive tried downloading different addons from ryanvm's forum same apps and versions but same result. ive tried only running nlite once, using only the addons, unattended and a couple of harmless tweaks mostly display and context menu tweaks (remove shortcut arrow ect.) and also tried using ryanvm intergrator and only nlite unattended options same result ive now managed to get almost everything else the way i want with my xp but ive been on weeks with this problem now and i really am stuck now
  3. gb2100

    Addons Problem

    ok this is really starting to anoy me now lol ive tried everything i can think of and find but nothing, ive tried using just the update pack and some of the things install fine but some you gotta goto windows components, untick the thing you want and click next, also discoverd that if you dont do this one thing at a time after restart it corrupts explorer.exe. ive tried fresh downloads of everything also
  4. is the 7ize project still around? or could someone link me to a good transformation pack that i could run silently without issues?
  5. gb2100

    Addons Problem

    I have created a unattended xp, everything seems to be going great apart from my addons, some of them are installing during setup fine but most of them arent installed but instead they are in the windows components list in add.remove programs and to install them i have to do the oposite of what it says and UNtick the boxes of what i want then click next im sure this isnt right but not a clue where im going wrong lol please help! P.S not sure if it will help but heres the last session ini... LAST SESSION.INI
  6. thanx guys, before i done anything i ran a defrag with o&o and ran chkdsk too test disk still running will post results
  7. thanx for the quick reply, when i try the Easeus Partition Master it wont let me select the dynamic disk just the partitions so i cant get to the disk options to change it. im thinking about using the replacing partition id from 42 to 07 method. when you say no way to check if i have a file spanning over the old volumes, does that mean IF there is i will only loose that file? i can handle loosing a couple of files as can just redownload but dont want to have to redownload 400gb's worth lol and only other drives i have are 120gb and 250gb and im v v v v skint so cant buy anything lol fingers crossed ill let you know what happens
  8. I have a 500gb hard drive that i was given, it was previously partitioned into 3 basic ntfs partitions then they where joined and converted to a dynamic partition so that they are now all 1 dynamic partition. In disk management it shows the 3 partitions and all have same letter m: I want to convert this dynamic disk back to a basic disk but without loosing the 400gb of movies and music thats on there as i have no way of backing up that much data. is it possible? i have attached a screenshot of the disk management i should also add its a seagate barracuda 7200.11 500gb drive
  9. sorry lost my net so couldnt report back, got this problem sorted, still no idea of the cause though? lol i installed xp via usb all went good so rebooted and tried to install from cd again and it all just worked lol
  10. yes checked the colour code, when i disable the hard drive in bios it boots fine but tells me no hard drive connected. Yes it has the option of hitting F8 to select boot device yeah thats the correct manual. when im getting this error i can hear the dvd spin up and the led flashes before the error apears so sounds like its still searching the dvd but cant boot because of whatevers wrong with it
  11. thanx, i am using the 80wire cables, have just tried that setup and all showed up in bios correctly but same error "Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter" but i know the dvd's are ok because they boot perfectly without the hard drive connected. will my board boot from usb since it has the removable option in the device prority?
  12. I have a biostar MCP6P M2+ board currently running 1x 2gb corsair xms2-6400 1.80v. In the bios settings the min ram voltage setting is 1.90v. I was wondering if it would work if i added a 1gb stick of same ram but the volatge is 1.90v? would it matter if one was 1.80 and one was 1.90 since the bios wont let me set it at any lower than 1.90?
  13. yes xp and ata is what i know lol i used to be very good at all this but have been away from the scene for 5-6 yrs now so v rusty Questions: Is the DVD PATA or SATA? Its a PATA its a pioneer DVR 115DBK HOW exactly are the PATA HD and DVD connected to the board? via a single round ide cable (2 connectors) hard drive on the end connector and dvd on the 2nd (have tried switching) Which Board is it?biostar MCP6P M2+ HOW EXACTLY did you set boot options in BIOS? hit Del at post to enter setup then went to advanced settings and changed boot device priority to 1st cdrom, 2nd hard disk 3rd removable Can the PATA HD be wiped/re-initialized (losing all and every data curently on it? yes the pata hard drive can be wiped if necasary WHICH kind of PATA cable are you using? currently using a round ide cable but also tried 2 different ribbon style cables WHICH EXACT hard disk drive is it (make/model/size)? seagate 7200.7 120gb but also have a 7200.11 80gb that could use but dont want to wipe that one HOW are jumpers (if any) set on both the HD and on the DVD? currently set to dvd master and hard drive slave. have tried swapping and also tried using cable select Thanx for your help

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