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SFXMaker 1.3.1 Final - a Switchless Installer maker


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Glad to see you in 2013 ... with a new SFXMaker version, 1.3.1 Final. You can check the changes in changelog page. What took me so long to get the final version up ? Quite a long story there.

Anyway, i have a big announcement to make, since this will be the last version of SFXMaker build by me. Yep, you heard it right. I know, it's quite sad, since there's a strong comunity back there who uses my little tool. Reason is simple : full-time job, which takes all my free time.

If there are any interested developers who want to continue what i've build up until now, feel free to contact me, more to discuss in private.

Also, i set up a pledgie account, so, if no one is interested to be an independent developer, i will open source SFXMaker after i reach the goal. More details on my website and pledgie.com page !

If you like SFXMaker, please consider making a donation to show your support and help.

Best of luck in life, dear users of SFXMaker !



-Added Windows 8 support
-Added information GUI about SFXMaker's future
-Added better support for larger files (more than 2 GB installers)
-Updated some language files
-Fixed small bug with project files (*.sfp)




If you encounter any bugs, or you would like to make a suggestion, feel free to post.

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Looks like a real cool tool but...would be nice if you used the new 7zip SFX which can do allot more than the old one

Ok, next version will have 7zs.sfx latest version. Also i'm working for PNG support for icons and fixed some minor bugs. I will come with an update soon.

@Everyone : Thanks !

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Avast says the download link contains a worm :crazy: any comments to that?

False-positive, most surely. Many antivirus products find UPX compressed executables to contain something malitious. Believe me that there is nothing to harm your PC. :thumbup

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