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SFXMaker 1.3.1 Final - a Switchless Installer maker


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Guest XhmikosR

I just gave it a go, but it crashed when Resource Hacker was called. Also, with the previous RC, the strings weren't replaced in the SFX while the icon was replaced.

BTW, could you give me a hint on how to edit the Version Info strings via commandline with ResHack?


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Guest XhmikosR

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the crash anymore. Also I don't think the strings thing is fixed. See the screenshots.



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as an ideea :D add support for creating MSI installers :whistle::thumbup

P.S. acuma am vazut k esti roman :)) bv moshule ;) felicitari pt un soft super bun :D dar ar fi super folositor si optiunea pt MSI-uri ;)

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@ diabolic53

If you are requesting an option to create a switchless installer from a MSI Input installer, this is already available.

If you want your switchless installer to be a MSI, sorry to disappoint you, but it's not possible because MSI is not open-sourced. And btw, the name is "SFXMaker" not "MSIMaker" :P

P.S: I chose to give you a response in English, since no other language is accepted here. And i'm not a "mos" :))

C'ya :)

@ anyone

Can someone confirm if Edit Strings actually works. Some users reported me it works, some that it doesn't. Also, please post your Processor Architecture and Operating System.

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