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[Release] Vize 1.1 Beta


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Wow. thanks for the quick update, but guess what it didn't work. I think i know why its doing that. My setup is like this..... xp on C and vista on D

When booted into Vista. it changes its name to C

Basically your software should think like Vista

On Vize, the path is D: which is correct , thats where it got installed onto.

I chose the path to be C: but still the same thing. Maybe i was meant to choose D:

Is there a way to get that option back or do i have to unistall it and then reinstall it.

I will do a test to see if D: works.......

If you could, please leave the option in the menu....thx

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Guess what, i worked it out. I had version 1.0 installed so i downloaded the update and still the same as before. i got the full 1.1 beta and it worked; although it didnt let me choose the path, but obviously it remember it from before........

The path chooser is working, but installing the update from 1.0 to 1.1 beta didn't work. So maybe people should uninstall the previous and download the full version.

YAY! :thumbup

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Sorry, I am Spanish and I dont understand the expression "rear its head". Do you mean if it is going to be released soon? there is a public alpha version available in the XPize forums.


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