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  1. Will there be any more development on this? It is probably one of the better and more useful tools I have ever used.
  2. You might want to read the thread. He did state that, it's not his fault it's not all right there in the first post. One could logically surmise that since this is for SP3 as stated, that SP2, SP1. are not included. Research is always good, including reading a small 3 page thread.
  3. You know, when I started working on the machine I saw that she had Windowblinds installed and removed it. When I went back in to get a screen shot to show the themes that weren't showing...hey! That fixed it! So I didn't even try the patch file. I can confirm that this issue is with the patch and Windowblinds installed though. I hate Windowblinds, bloated and useless, and too expensive.
  4. I apologize, I see that English is not your first language, and to someone my age calling me "dude" is demeaning as well as rude, also saying "man" to me at the end of a sentence is considered insulting, and rude. It seemed that your post talked down to me like a child or a newbie. As a reply to my first question on the forums, it was a bit, well, rude. Now then, I think I found a bug or an issue. My daughter, whose computer I use this patch on, was not happy with that fact that she could not apply her custom themes after I installed SP3. I told her to wait until a patcher was released for SP3 then I would check it and apply it, but she couldn't, so she installed Stardock's Windowblinds on her computer and my wife's computer. Once I removed it all the themes are listing correctly, no patched file needed. For anyone who is interested a safe pre-patched file can be found at http://www.winmatrix.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18059, but is not necessary, this patcher works perfectly on 2 machines here, unless you have Windowblinds installed.
  5. Please, re-read the post. As stated above I used patcher v1.1, and the file is patched. Now for a bit more information, that machine has been running XP pro for 2 years, and the file has been patched since the last reinstall of XP, 2 years ago, and the themes were showing until I applied SP3, then I patched it, yes the file is patched, and now only a few themes show. Therefore, the themes are installed correctly "dude", and were showing until SP3, now they work when double clicked, but do not show up in the list. The suggestion to use a pre-patched file is a good one, albeit a bit rude IMHO "man", but one major problem, where to get a pre-patched file that is trustworthy?
  6. If this has been covered elsewhere, please direct me there. Is Vize compatible with Vista Business SP1?
  7. Is anyone else having problems seeing ALL of the themes they have installed? I used the patcher above (1.1) but only a few themes are showing, when double clicking the .msstyle it applies as it should.

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