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Kurt_Aust, interesting.

beats, ok, wrote it for later.

mttbac, uh it's so nice to read that.

Updated it again silently because not many people reported this:

fix: cablib runtime error on source browse

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The tweak to add a context menu item for "Open command prompt at this location", results in the following text being displayed for the menu item


Can anyone confirm this ?

No, I don't have this problem.

nLite 1.4 Final is working 100% AMAZINGLY here :thumbup

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First of all I want to thank you Nuhi, you are doing a great job! I'm using NLite since version 1.2 now and it helps me a lot.

Probably I found a little bug:

I'm using an english original CD of XP to create my own versions.

Since version 1.4 Final I've got the effect that after the installation all keyboard layouts except the english ones are removed, allthough I didn't change the settings. I've removed the old version entirely, installed 1.4 and began with the original CD. One time I just removed the games, another times I just did patches. Everytime the keyboard layouts were gone.

The only time that they weren't gone was when I created an ISO file directly from the CD, without changing something.

Could you help me, please?

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mimanig, that removal wasn't changed so I presume it has something to do with update packs or your INTL.INF file is somehow different.

Attach your preset and explain to me how to see that error. Also make sure you have clean installation files while confirming this, not tampered with.

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Here's my "Last Session.ini", where I just removed the games from an original CD of Windows XP english.

After the installation I go to "Control panel/Regional and language options" => "Languages" => Button "Details". When I try to add a new language (like e.g. german) I just get the 4 english keyboard layouts and no german one.


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mimanig, I tried exactly as you said and it was fine, all languages were intact.

That leads me to believe that you're already using a nlited source from which every language was removed, I never heard of this before that English is there and all others are not, that can be only if you or someone else removed them.

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nuhi, why don't you make nLite an open source project? I would like to be able to help fix bugs, but as a closed software project this aint going to work.

I agree. Plus Nuhi you would have vlite to focus on more. Making nlite open source would take a lot of issues off your plate. I'm not a coder but I'd love to see how other people may take nlite in other directions. I hope you consider this idea.

GREAT RELASE with 1.4 THANKS for all the work. I have had no issues so far with it.

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After removing direct x diagnostics, the file dxdiagn.dl_ is still present in the final product.

After installing it becomes Windows/system32/dxdiagn.dll. Is there is a special reason

to keep this file, as all other files dxdiag??.* have been removed?

Hotfixes 923845, 923980 and 932716 have not been integrated (mentioned during installation

with the option “Display reports"). Also taken up in \i386\SVCPACK 923689, 933360, 936181,

not mentioned in the "Display reports". No activity shown during integrating

for these last three reports, do the reports show the copying of new files?

The tweak “small pictograms in menu start” still doesn't work.

Options General since 1.2 RC:

Keep Windows Media Player is standard enabled and cannot be changed.

As a workaround, could you give an entry to make in LastSession.ini.

In Unatttended setup, First Tab, System Restore, you cannot put in less than 10% diskspace.

(Advice for the user, after completing nLite , but before burning, edit \i386\winnt.sif.

Should you wish to keep this setting, edit also Program Files\Nlite\Presets\LastSession.ini.)

In Unatttended setup, Tab Autoupdate, the option “Notify before download” was set.

After installing Win XP no option was set under Automatic updates.

My Windows is XP SP2 (dutch).

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