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Little bug?: Whether I set the "Use a background image for each folder type" Tweak to Disable or Enable, it's regardless Enabled on Windows.

EDIT: The remove search people from Search doesn't seem to remove it (the internet one works fine though) and the underline keys tweak remains disabled in Windows.

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Nuhi, thank you for all of your hard work on this project, I know the difficulties keeping so many projects going, XP Vista, 2k3, 2k8 etc.....

One issue I am having now though, integrating my own update pack, nlite no longer works, RVMI works fine with it.

The error I get is:


The Update Pack includes January 2008 updates and can be dl'd here:


I would like to confirm this. It is annoying since DizzyDen's update pack does not sem to have the maddening Kabul Time Zone bug that Ryan's pack has.


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Slight bug, adjusting DEP value doesn't seem to work correctly.

The chosen parameter (eg AlwaysOn) is added to boot.ini correct, but the old default (OptIn) is not removed. So DEP is set to OptIn till removed.


EDIT: One more (maybe) bug:

Integrating update KB917021 for WPA2 (WindowsXP-KB917021-v3-x86-ENU.exe) leaves the security tab missing out of the Wireless settings, I mean the one for choosing encryption. The previous WPA2 update worked fine. I know this one supersedes that but I will try and integrate the 2 together and check results.

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Really nice :) I miss one tweak, select which icon to show first, My Documents, or My Computer. This is a must!

About this particular point I found a probable bug.

If I activate this option

Explorer-Preset Places Bar to-My Computer, C:, D:, E:, F:

my explorer sometime starts at MyDocuments folder yet, and -side effect- :unsure:

within the "Save as" popup window now I haven't the Desktop any more,

but the above mentionned MyComputer and C: D: E: ... drive icons


Could someone confirm this ?

Thanks for your nice job


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