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  1. i dont think there is anything technical to add. Nuhi could possibly detect if this remove line exists. if it does, remove. then readd at the proper end. Its not even "technical", its just a simple flaw fix.
  2. Trance you are giving pointless arguments to the OP that make no sense. StarGazer only spotted the problem that can recreate when using nlite in a source more than once. Posting the problem can be good do nuhi can possibly fix this. No one is demanding anything, its for nuhi to decide what todo with the bug report. This is a perfectly fine bug report. Flaws are bugs to, and you fail to admit that you are wrong. Trance you are an arrogant douche bag, go do something usefull and play with yourself. Have to protect my fellow programmers
  3. Trust me, what could possibly go wrong ... go wrong if dep is oN? some programs just wont work. and me as a hacker, DEP is in the way... but if you dont have fbwf orr ewf, or anything that can ensure you that nothing malicious will run, than you should have DEP ON
  4. no need for DEP if you have stuff like FBWF or you are sure nothing malicious will run also note all nlite can do is specify the osloaderparameter or whatever it was in the sif file. its obviously the windows setup fualt not nlite
  5. ok this is really bothering there are still so many things that can be done with nlite. but nothing is happening... cant this thing be passed on to someone else, or recruit programmers, or make it open source.. or anything at all.
  6. Hi there is still so much work todo on nlite.. and there is no sign of nuhi...
  7. fckgw. f*** genuine windows.... : P thats what i tohught it sounds like
  8. mitsukai

    Time Zone

    i was having the same problem. the problem is nlite i think.. not microsoft.
  9. i have to totally disagree with kels . its a matter of adding reg keys and files. but im pretty sure u can play GTA4 without BITS
  10. it seems good except for one thing... i need the noscript features. i once went to my usual anime website they have many videos in one page... and google tried automaticly playing them in one time. so geuss what that takes up alot of processsing power so i just had to CTRL+ALT+DEL it away.... only reasing that keeps me from using it
  11. Hello here. im not interested in a GUI (yet). I got here through a post from mp3car and im willing to make a small comand line to commit all files. hope its not to late now tho. im pretty sure there are poeple who might find it usefull. WEll im gonna look into this tomorow. After i made this we can talk about a GUI. and i got pretty much an idea of how its gonna look like. if no one is responding than Nvm
  12. interesting. i never had any problems like that. maybe i just use it well. But EWF does seem badly designed
  13. excuse me? what makes u say EWF is unstable? give me thee link with the facts and unsupoorted? i tihnk not! maybe u search more on EWF. you dont even need to boot EVER after installing EWF!
  14. hoe heb je ntoskrnl.exe bewerkt? O.O
  15. try an EWF or RAM drive. and put the xp source there... then u have what u want
  16. you are completly right... it does boot in cmd console as shell... but thats what i have been doing remove as much as possible, then to run certain programs add their dependencies. and find alternatives for programs that requires less. I was going for a command only XP os anyway. but i also want to make it possible to add components to it ... like in linux. when i have played around more with the software and system registry files, they arent at their smallest yet. so far my XP is now around 10MB, dont know how much memory its using yet, probally like 5mb, not to sure. I still need to write my command line utilities. I wanted to make a program which manages all components. For example you select a component notepad it installs all dependencies. and if you remove components and dependencies are no longer required they are deleted... after XP im probally adding 64 bit XP and after that vista ... So if you can make a list what program needs what files and registry keys we can help each other cause im going todo the same and there was a mistake in my list (csrss.exe is missing and ntoskrnl.exe is listed twice.)
  17. if u are interested, here is a file list that i made, these are the core boot files that i find required. note that this list assumes that you have minlogon config on 3c and that the minlogon is from windows embeded standard 2009, these files are system32 and root only. there are many drivers that can be removed also. XP SP3. ntldr ntdetect.com ntoskrnl.exe bootvid.dll hal.dll kdcom.dll smss.exe ntdll.dll winlogon.exe win32k.sys watchdog.sys csrss.exe csrsrv.dll basesrv.dll winsrv.dll gdi32.dll msvcrt.dll advapi32.dll kernel32.dll user32.dll userenv.dll rpcrt4.dll sxs.dll secur32.dll
  18. i will reply here cus bootland is slow... ----okok... i copied the registry files, made my files look the almost same( i cant find vga850.fon on my cd ) than i made all cmd.exe to %systemroot%\shell32\cmd\cmd.exe (and shell to) added directories to the path enivorment. changed the path files to .EXE; only booted up ( till the blue desktop screen ) and than it gave me a BSOD 0x00000135 im using SP3 professional... and vmware workstation 6.5 maybe i can use a difrent NLS files? or is the registry faulty.---- i will try my original registry files and see how it goes. even with my original registry files... im getting the same blue screen... maybe its the absence of lsass or services? maybe its the version of minlogon? i have the minlogon from the embed standard 2009 image. file_list.txt
  19. ok i pmed you... and now im getting a BSOD missing winsrv. but winsrv.dll is in my ssystem32 folder..
  20. i tried logging in agian with the acount i created, but it says it doesnt exist. tried registering again and now im getting this: http://boot-land.net/portal/error_server.php ok... The username or email specified is taken and is currently being used. but it says it doesnt exist when i try to login.
  21. BTW now im not getting an activaton email...
  22. ok i registered... You are right im keeping the system32 folder. So i can add a system64 folder : P And i added the programs32, lib32, cmd32 and shell32 folders in my winxp folder. this way i can add 64 bit later and keep a logic structure. Anyway if i wanted to change the system32 path i would have had to patch the NTLDR and maybe other files to with a hex editor, and i dont want togo that way and like this its fine. In the end i want to keep only the core boot files in the sytem32 folder. i think i can put the ntldr in the system32 folder to with a boot manager. but i still want to change the fonts folder. i read u can change the font path per user. So i geuss i will only put the fonts that are needed to boot there. And the other fonts can go in my C:\fonts i will now go take a look at your files. thanks for all the help and work u have already done Is it possible to boot without services.exe and lsass.exe running?

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