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  1. Last update 24-03-05 ? Maybe one final effort, or has the site moved again (from Altervista) ? I can supply the mutations, if Mim0 wants to.
  2. There has been a problem in the past (nLite with one update, if you removed kbdusl.dll and kbdusr.dll. I put them under [KeepFiles] to remedy that. The last two keyboard layouts in your reg-file should not be removed , to avoid that problem.
  3. Breezer

    Windows Updates

    @mimo Your updatelist Table 2, date 2013-09, has an entry with a registry-file (WindowsXP-KB2876315-x86.reg) to be added to HF? I didn't know HF could process registry-files.
  4. Breezer

    Windows Updates

    @ mimo Your table 2, KB2624667 from 2011-12 Ole32.dll has a higher version number than the 5.1.2600.6168 mentioned in the KB, checked on a virtual machine. Outdated hotfix ? ---------------------- Your table 5, KB973442 from 2009-08 Wmvdecod.dll has a higher version number than the 11.1.5721.5268 mentioned in the KB. This hotfix was replaced by KB2834904, september 2013 update for Windows Media player 11. I have not checked WMP9.
  5. Breezer

    Windows Updates

    @mimo Your updatelist for Windows XP, Table 4, Date 2013-07 KB 2862772 for Internet Explorer 8 is not optional (Cumulative security update). However, when I put it in HF, Windows Update still asked for it (checked in virtual machine). This hotfix modifies the registry in a non-standard way, so HFSLIP doesn't modify all new registry entries. I have not tried this for IE6 and IE7, these might have the same problem. ------- Replaced with the next cumulative update (sept 2013), which gives no problem.
  6. Breezer

    Windows Updates

    @ mimo Regarding post 737: If you install Net 2 upwards, when you have completed the HFslip installation, you have the same problem. The update 2570947 has already been installed, the registry-entry will be missing. You could give a link to my post, or perhaps mention it in a footnote.
  7. Breezer

    Windows Updates

    @ mimo Yes, I use the following true addon: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/7696-addon-net-framework-11-20-30-35-gdrqfe-true-addons/
  8. Breezer

    Windows Updates

    @mimo In connection with post 731 and 732 regarding KB2570947 I have found that for WinXPSP3 with Net2 or higher one registry change is missing : HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{D5AB5662-131D-453D-88C8-9BBA87502ADE}\InprocServer32 'mscoree.dll' ==> '%systemroot%\system32\mscoree.dll' Reg file attachedNet2.reg
  9. Breezer

    Windows Updates

    @mimo KB2544521 (2011-06) has been replaced by KB2846071 (2013-07). The file vgx.dll has a higher version number than the number in the KB article 2544521, as checked in a virtual machine.
  10. Breezer

    Windows Updates

    KB 2570947 for WindowsXP 2011-09 has no copied files. According to the KB article this is correct, but there are registry-changes. Shouldn't there be a reg file for this hotfix ?
  11. If Nlite does not integrate some hotfixes, try to integrate these hotfixes with HFSLIP. It can integrate IE7 with all its hotfixes, DirectX Redistributable, Windows Media Player 11, MSI installers. Up till now, what HFSLIP can't integrate nLite can, but that is only two hotfixes on my install, the remainder is taken care of by HFSLIP.
  12. Re Angelico Payne After completion of nLite look in the directory /1386/SVCPACK Files not integrated you will find in their original state. It is possible to integrate WMP 11 and IE7 in your source and after that to use nLite, use Google to find the program HFSLIP. You have to add into HFSLIP the file "HFSLIP_POST_getnewfiles_v3.cmd" and use the resulting file NEWBIN.TXT to add to the keepbox of nLite the relevant files. You can use Notepad to edit LastSession.ini.
  13. According to Microsoft, KB 942288 is language specific, see this link : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/942288 Change the lange into Portugese (2 kinds) or any other language if desired.
  14. With sfc on I get complaints from Windows sfc that essential files have been replaced. Should I change the option to sfc off? Security Center cannot start, I think because Windows Management Instrumentation service is missing. In Tweaks: Explorer-Remove arrows shortcuts does not work Speed-Classic Windows maps does not work I have Windows XP SP3 Dutch with the latest Nlite.
  15. Nuhi, for “Small pictures in menu start” I did two things: - In Unattended setup, tab Desktop themes I checked Start menu classic. - In Tweaks/Startmenu I also checked Start menu classic. In Explorer I use classic Windows-maps. A few editions of nLite ago I could set the maximum for System Restore to 5%, or any other percentage under 10. Of course I can correct this after installing, for every partition separately. Now the preset is of no use to me. After integration of SP2 in windows XP the file Win51ic.sp1 is not deleted. The files sp1.cab and sp1.cat are also not deleted, but all files are already replaced with the files in sp2.cab.

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