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vLite 1.1 beta - vBloat


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Good job nuhi. I'm definitely interested in the hotfix integration.

One small glitch I noticed. I ran through all my usual stuff, but I forgot to select bootable ISO, so I go through it again and it created the ISO fine, but I noticed the Apply button was highlighted. I click on it and it prompted me to to rebuild the files. That's odd, I just got done creating the ISO but it wants to rebuild it again. So I clicked Exit and went on my merry way. I'm not sure if I did something out of order, but figure that might cause grief for someone. oopsdg0.gif

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if vlite is started and working(on vista vlited ultimate x64 reducing an vista ultimate x64) i got a bsod (ntfs.sys) when i copy files or folders (for example an folder on desktop)

anything else with this prob?

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Getting this .Net-error when I press Apply and vlite starts doing it's magic, on 2 of my vlited computers (one 64-bit and one 32-bit)

 System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

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aviv00, but it doesn't support RTL.

d0p3y2k4, you can download Autopatcher Vista and once installed it will have all the fixes in one folder.

McDoul, works fine here.

shabador, please attach your preset, and if you can the last session_u.ini as well but first edit it and change sensitive data with some mumbo-jumbo and keep the same synthax.

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