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  1. Help with driverpacks......

    Download DPs_BASE, it's where you'll find DPs_BASE.exe. Within the application, click on Settings -> Location, click on Browse and point it to your XP source folder. More options will become available once it locates the i386 folder. Let me know when you get this far and I can be more detailed. (sorry, not in front of my system, but it's pretty easy once you do it a few times)
  2. Making a boot disc

    Look on Toshiba's website or use DriverPacks.
  3. Making a boot disc

    While using nLite, do you choose the last option? I don't have nLite open right this second but I believe it's Bootable ISO. So you do whatever you want nLite to do (remove components, automated install, slipstream hotfixes, etc) and after it's done and says something about if the installation grew or shrunk, what happens? It should give you an option to create a bootable ISO that you can then either use nLite or a 3rd party burning app to burn to CD. Just ensure the BIOS on the computer has the 1st boot device as the CD as opposed to the hard drive. Also, it's a good idea to look into virtualization software such as VirtualBox, VMWare, etc; this will save you a lot of coasters and frustration. Ask if you have questions.
  4. How to skip user setup screen/wizard

    Out of Box Experience (OOBE), but removing it has repercussions depending on the version of XP you use.
  5. Remove watermark.

    I can answer the watermark question. Do this: 1) Click the Start button, click Run, type regedit and click OK 2) On the left-hand side, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop 3) On the right-hand side, locate PaintDesktopVersion and double-click it 4) In the pop-up window, change the data to 0 and click OK 5) Reboot. Source: http://www.softwaretipsandtricks.com/windo...on-your-desktop
  6. rootsupd.exe missing

    It's likely an add-on you are using; list all of them. (attach the Last Session.ini) Edit: According to this link, it's related to Root Certificates.
  7. Hotfix integration

    You're wrong, he did ask for it to be integrated. I was at least being forthcoming and saying that installing the hotfix upon first startup is not technically being properly integrated into the source as jeromerocks originally requested: (Keep It Simple Stupid) Sometimes, the best solution is to avoid fancy, schmancy batch scripts, etc etc and just burn two versions, that is one option. If you want to spend the time to create the script, tweak it, tweak it some more, test it on many systems, then be my guest, that's also another option. I was offering a pseudo-code approach to the problem. True, I wasn't giving you an exact recipe of how to do it but I figured it'd at least give you something to consider. Others can chime in with their opinions or thoughts, I'm merely one person who offered ideas while not chastising others for trying. Resources: Batch Scripting
  8. Hotfix integration

    Common sense solution: Create two CD's? What's the price of CD-R these days (especially if you buy a 50/100 pack)? 5 cents? 10 cents? Just burn two copies. Copy A (integrated version) Copy B (non-integrated version) Or, you can create a batch file that prompts you at first startup whether or not to silently install the hotfix. But, technically, that's not integrated into the source, more like an add-on.
  9. Using WMP11 Slipstreamer within nLite

    I used to be in your shoes. Couple options: 1) You have to use the WMP11 slipstreamer before nLite. To my knowledge, there's no way to merge the two programs and get "tweaked" settings. 2) Take the EXE of the WMP11 slipstreamer and place it into the nLite Program Files folder and (unfortunately) get the "vanilla" version of WMP11. Just drag the WMP11 installation EXE into the Hotfix section and nLite will piggyback off the newly copied WMP11 slipstreamer EXE. I hope this makes sense. 3) I've stopped using WMP11 slipstreamer to integrate WMP11 into my own XP source. I've started to use an All-In-One update package that includes WMP11, IE7, DirectX updated files, and post SP3 patches. As expected, just drag it into the Hotfix section. It might be overkill for your needs but you can find it here: Onepiece's EN-US Windows XP Post-SP3 All-in-One Update Pack (updated very frequently) Of course, test it a virtual environment before wasting a CD.
  10. Disabling Unattended Mode

    You should be able to disable unattended by either deleting or renaming the file, WINNT.SIF. 1. Just open a command window (Start --> Run --> "cmd"). 2. Peruse to your i386 folder in your XP source files. 3. Type in "ren winnt.sif winnt.old" 4. The installation will no longer be unattended.
  11. microsoft office errors. related to nlite?

    1. Start with a clean XP source, not a previously nLite'd source. 2. Create ISO files and have your virtual software boot from that. No need to create "coasters". 3. If issues persist, attach your preset so we can see what's being removed.
  12. "Setup Look" Options grayed out?

    I would start with a clean XP source now that you are using 1.48. winntbbu.dll is the file that gets deleted to create the "classic" look during setup; there's a chance a file got corrupted with your XP source. So, copy all the files from a virgin XP disc into a temp directory, point nLite to that folder, and see if that's any better.
  13. Problems integrating IE7, patches & updates

    IE7 Post SP3 Hotfixes Check these out, they have worked well for me.
  14. Does this look right? (System Propeties Screen-Cap)

    1) 2002 is normal. 2) "prompted me to choose a spot to install XP" Are you pressing any keys when, upon the computer first starting, it says "Press any key to boot from CD..." ? I'm not sure about your other problems. Finally, welcome to the forums.
  15. CD-R or DVD+R

    What does this have to do with nLite? But to answer your question, a 6x DVD-ROM reads at the equivalent of a 54x CD-ROM, so a 16x DVD-ROM would absolutely kill any CD-ROM known to mankind.