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vLite 1.1 beta - vBloat


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hey nuihi, with this version, when i apply and rebuild my image, after it finishes, my option buttons are finish and exit, when i click finish vlite dissapears, i've tried several times but it never lets me go to iso page, so i cant make an iso or burn it, nothing.

so for a workaround, how can i make the rebuilt files into a bootable disk?

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I had that happen too. I just reran vLite to make the ISO.

thanks, i did rerun it quite a few times and rebuilt it each time and still never let me to iso page, a reinstall might do it but i'm goin to try to just burn the rebuilt files myself, still trying to figure out how to make it bootable though, i dont see the option to do so with easy cd creator like i did when i had nero....which i dont have anymore :(

also i noticed the second time i rebuilt the files, under Accessories in removals, some of the files i had orignally checked for removal like wordpad were still there and it didnt remove the first time and i'm positive those were set for removal btw...it did the second time though

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Ok fixed that Finish thing for the next one.

In the meantime enable the option ISO page enabled before apply, even after apply it won't be Finish it will be Next.

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@Nuhi: somes serious issues in vLite 1.0 and 1.1

1° problem -> affected vLite 1.0 and 1.1 version's

After remove Internet Explorer component with vLite (v1.0/1.1) all the function in tab "protection" of ie7 internet options stop to work. Is not possible to add custom site's list in security categories. The system return popup error with red x circle. If Internet Explorer componente is not removed with vLite all work fine.

With IE component removed from vLite - > error show

img-001 - img-002 - img-003

Without IE component removed from vLite -> all work fine


2° problem -> affected only vLite 1.1 version -> MUI integration problem "seriuos problem" problen not exist in vLite 1.0 with same .ini configuration

Test to retail and genuine "localized" italian distribution of Vista (homepremium and ultimate) source VISTA-IT-DVD 32/64bit

Retail and Genuine "localized" italian distribution of vista has alredy built-in IT-MUI-LANGUAGE integrate.

vLite recognize from "integration" tab Italiam MUI language alredy installed (if this is or not enabled) img-011

- From vLited 1.1 image installation of Vista is not possible remove or add more installed default modules or functionality of SO like (differential compression, XPS support, HTTP print support, games and more...)

- Procedure stop and system return error popup with "red x circle"

- Event viewer return red error and the word MUI is present in all description's.

- The problem not exist with vLite 1.0 same .ini configuration

- Tested with and without add other "new pathes"

Vista image created with vLite 1.0

img-004 - img-005 - img-006 - img-007 - img-008

Vista image created with vLite 1.1

img-009 - img-010

Nuhi this is one very crucial problem please your attention!

P.S. Complete eventviewer .evtx archive (to load in local event viewer) and .ini presets files (to local load in vLite or notepad) are attached to this post.


Yeah! :thumbup All problem solved. Thanks to Jamieo and Nuhi :hello:

Edited by datalife
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looks like vlite is coming along well, i may mess around with this when i get my new 500gb HDD tomorrow since i use xp as my main os. the next thing i would like to see is tweaks and component removal :) keep up the good work buddy

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Hi Nuhi,

Could You please answer to this: if I will select vista ultimate and select to build iso without adding/removing anything to get smaller clean instalation files with nothing removed or added, are there chances that in future versions You will update file selection for different vista versions?

Just do not want to copy 2.4 gb each time, so 1.1gb would be quicker. And I could put those files on flash usb. Can You confirm that file selection for each vista version is firm and final and no changes will be done in future versions.

Thank You,


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*Possible bug*

On Task Selection screen:

Check Components and Bootable ISO options (but uncheck Enable before apply)

Then Select components to remove and hit Apply.

When it's finished you don't get the option to Burn or create an ISO which I thought you would. You only get the options Finish or Exit which both quit the application.

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Alex, just open it once in vlite and maybe do one tweak, disable all other pages, Apply - Rebuild. You'll have your isolated version untampered.

Dobby, yes it's a bug, already reported but thx anyway.

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Alex, just open it once in vlite and maybe do one tweak, disable all other pages, Apply - Rebuild. You'll have your isolated version untampered.

This does not work. Vista folder even get's bigger. Used apply and rebuild.

Any other suggestions?

BTW, after quiting vlite I see it in process tab and need to kill process to start vlite again.


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