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  1. McDoul

    Hotfix Hunt

    Fantastic - thanks for that.
  2. McDoul

    Hotfix Hunt

    Just realised they are 32bit only Back to the drawing board then.
  3. McDoul

    Hotfix Hunt

    Hi, I'd like to know if these packs are vLite friendly too... any thoughts Nuhi? Thanks for 1.2 btw, I was hoping for it to be here by Thursday since I've got 2 builds to do then.
  4. Nuhi, since you are using 64bit Vista - how do I burn image form vLite without the burn failing?
  5. Was wondering same thing - got all freaked out when only language showing was **** US English!! #Link scratched- not sure site was entirely of the legal nature. @Nuhi - in the absence of finding an English UK MUI to download, has it been left in Vista, or removed? Can I add it in via windows update later?

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