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  1. The database for now is located at My web server, and it is integrated into the configuration setup routine for the client. (look for http://broaderator.com/var in the python file and you will find out) In addition, this set of routines is not necessarily limited to a server/client setup. A #todo scenario (in the future) would be a distributable CD with a repository directory containing exe binaries. The user can use varm.exe to interact with the CD contents. This is also going to be my intended scenario for MS-DOS users. When I used "Just like apt-get", I didn't mean it as a feature to be pursued or emulated. It was just part of the explanation about how this application works.
  2. There are three reasons why I started this project with a CLI (Command Line Interface): Flexibility of user interface: Using a front-end to back-end setup, I can use PHP and Ajax to have the user interact with a webpage, or use a GUI library in tandem with a socket library to have the user interact with system-native GUI. Compatibility with MS-DOS: I may enable support for MS-DOS on this project in the future. Scripting-compatible: VARM can be used in a script (batch for Windows) just like any other command, because it can be non-interactive.
  3. Vintage Application Repository What is this? The VAR tool helps Windows 9x and Windows 2000 computers to get software easier. When the client has been installed, installation of another software is as easy as navigating to the executable, executing the following in a DOS prompt, and dealing with the installer published by the software vendor. varm install Firefox Just like apt-get. I have just recently started the development of this tool, therefore bugs are everywhere. The code is hosted at GitHub: Repository of the repository For slightly more information, please visit the GitHub repository. It contains a README.md file. Please submit an Issue on the GitHub repository if you encounter any bugs or wish to suggest future features to VAR.

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