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  1. That's strange, i shall review the programming.
  2. It worked fine o my computer with windows me, i have vlc 0.8.6i, and all WindowsMe updates. It seems that the playlist channel URLs were blocked with password. I tryed to open a channel in VLC and it asks for login and password. I need to remake the playlist. The playlist is in the following format: COUNTRY^CHANNEL_NAME^http://url/video.ts I am using VLC ActiveX DLL player. It's not a clone, only the skin is the same (TV-B from AlphaSkins for Borland Delphi and BCB), OnlineTV is a browserbased online TV using DCEF (Chromium) library. Update, replace this file in CHA
  3. Did you select a country from above the playlist ?
  4. Windows 98/ME are exceptional operating systems, buggy at first but very good with updates ! Vulenability immune ! Very fast, no virus ! I am waiting for your feedback about this program (WorldTV Stream), maybe i or someone delete the channels that give error, and also add new ones (with .ts extension) and post it here I'll pot a new version in one week with exception handling and in the same time i will try to make a browser with contemporary capabilties, and next a torrent program - because win9x is lacking these programs. And least but not last as surprise ;););)
  5. So while wanting to view some online channels on my old laptop, i found no online tv app with working channels for Windows9x. I decided to make my own one, i took me a day. The application is very simple based on VLC ActiveX, a country selection dropdown box, a list for channels and a player. Requirements for the player to work: VLC 0.8.6a (make sure to install it with ActiveX) and some codecs and internet. The program was compiled on WinME, and i named it WorldTV Stream. It has hundreds of channels from several countries (Europe, USA, ASIA, ARABIA, AFRICA). It has some bugs like some cha
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