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  1. OldProgrammer

    Win9x WebTV Stream

    That's strange, i shall review the programming.
  2. OldProgrammer

    Win9x WebTV Stream

    It worked fine o my computer with windows me, i have vlc 0.8.6i, and all WindowsMe updates. It seems that the playlist channel URLs were blocked with password. I tryed to open a channel in VLC and it asks for login and password. I need to remake the playlist. The playlist is in the following format: COUNTRY^CHANNEL_NAME^http://url/video.ts I am using VLC ActiveX DLL player. It's not a clone, only the skin is the same (TV-B from AlphaSkins for Borland Delphi and BCB), OnlineTV is a browserbased online TV using DCEF (Chromium) library. Update, replace this file in CHANNELS folder of the program, it contains 4 working channels, just tested. Select Italy or spain from dropdownlist from right upper corner and double click on an item from playlist. chan_list.dat
  3. OldProgrammer

    Win9x WebTV Stream

    Did you select a country from above the playlist ?
  4. OldProgrammer

    Win9x WebTV Stream

    Windows 98/ME are exceptional operating systems, buggy at first but very good with updates ! Vulenability immune ! Very fast, no virus ! I am waiting for your feedback about this program (WorldTV Stream), maybe i or someone delete the channels that give error, and also add new ones (with .ts extension) and post it here I'll pot a new version in one week with exception handling and in the same time i will try to make a browser with contemporary capabilties, and next a torrent program - because win9x is lacking these programs. And least but not last as surprise ;););)
  5. OldProgrammer

    Win9x WebTV Stream

    So while wanting to view some online channels on my old laptop, i found no online tv app with working channels for Windows9x. I decided to make my own one, i took me a day. The application is very simple based on VLC ActiveX, a country selection dropdown box, a list for channels and a player. Requirements for the player to work: VLC 0.8.6a (make sure to install it with ActiveX) and some codecs and internet. The program was compiled on WinME, and i named it WorldTV Stream. It has hundreds of channels from several countries (Europe, USA, ASIA, ARABIA, AFRICA). It has some bugs like some channels that cannot be streamed shows error, and cahnging caountry several times result in an error and program restart is needed. After double clicking or pressing enter on a channel from list wait >15 seconds to load You can download it from here: https://files.fm/down.php?cf&i=m3p6pet7&n=w9x_onlinetv2.rar I'll try next to create a html5 capable browser based on CEF2 (Chromium). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: Most crashes and errors are because of the old ActiveX from VLC 0.8.6a which does not understand .ts formats correctly (at least a fifth of the channels in list are working), i would recommend vlc 0.8.6i. Newer than that form 0.9.x and up won't work and won't start)