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  1. You need win9x custom utility ?

    Ok, the application distinguishes the wireless card from lan card by searching for "Wireless" or "Wifi" string in the adapter's name, so I guess i'll just remove that filter.
  2. You need win9x custom utility ?

    Thank you for your reply . Of course nothing happens, :), I said click Select Device ! select a device first, then after a valid wireless device is selected then the refresh button will be available. When the refresh button is available click it, and print screen. From your picrture I can tell only that you started the program and screenshot it, you didn't select any device (wireless adapter). Here is an explaining screenshot:
  3. Win9x WebTV Stream

    I have almost all updates installed, including IE6
  4. Win9x WebTV Stream

    I recommend installing Windows updates and the latest working VLC for 9x.
  5. You need win9x custom utility ?

    If someone can point the registry key for that I can make a complete app that will change colours randomly at different time intervals or when user wants with different settings.
  6. You need win9x custom utility ?

    I need someone to test my app. On my Win9x laptop the Wireless card is 2200bg and there are no win9x drivers. I managed only to install a Win2000 driver with conflict (!), and the Wifi APP I am working at gives error. Who wants to help me , download the app from here http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=89217755349623679442 The tester's pc, laptop must have a functional wireless card with good/matching driver installed. and then after run it: 1. Press 'Select Device' button, select your wireless card from list, press OK; 2. Press 'Refresh' button; 3. Press 'Debug messages' button, a memo will appear; After that, post messages from memo and optional your wireless card model here. Note: WPA/WPA2 is not OS or Hardware dependent, it's Software dependent, so this will be the last and the easiest to do I hope...
  7. Win9x WebTV Stream

    I've tested a few m3u playlist that I found on Google by searching "m3u tv playlist europe"; some channels require login, some not, they load in maximum 5-10 seconds. The problem with these internet tv playlists is that the channels are available for a short period of time (days or a week) so you need to download only recent playlist. If you receive an error like "the file could not be opened" when loading an m3u playlist from IPTV4Sat, the rename the file without - or other symbols like from playlist-04-04-2018.m3u to playlist04042018.m3u
  8. You need win9x custom utility ?

    I will need little more research, - for example the regkeys for changing colors or themes. It will take a while.
  9. You need win9x custom utility ?

    Office suites are very complex, and you can download older OpenOffice or LibreOffice version, if you need DocX support, then download a converter or convert docx online.
  10. You need win9x custom utility ?

    I will try fist a generic WPA2 wifi app.
  11. You need win9x custom utility ?

    Yes... KernelEX is a good enchancer but actually newer softwares are full of bugs running kernelex, so plain win9x apps with good exception handling are best. I recommend installing all updates in windows 9x; for example in WinMe there are over 40 updates which makes WinME very stable.
  12. Win9x WebTV Stream

    Yes, srry, here is a new link http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=85364676594638885121 working with Opera 10. After downloading and veryfing it i'm shure you will disassable it, very easy to disassemble, no exe protection; google some m3u tv channels playlists. Click the top right text Load m3u playlist(s), you can add multiple at once. If you check auto delete dead channels and auto save alive channels, after selecting a playlist from drop-down box, the links will be verified with http request and the ones that do not respond to http request will be deleted (a progress text will be shown in the bottom-right) then the playlist will be automatically saved in the same file.
  13. Win9x WebTV Stream

  14. My hobby now is to develop win9x apps, so if you need one (excluding antivirus, firewall, web browsers, video players) i'll do almost anything in a matter of days or weeks. Tell me here what you want and i'll will say if I can do it. http://planetsourcecode.com/vb/scripts/BrowseCategoryOrSearchResults.asp?lngWId=7&txtCriteria=antonov
  15. Win9x WebTV Stream

    Nope I don't know where you got that, if you visit the download link you will see that is only 1.1 MB the compiled exe in zip archive and the source is less !