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  1. Call me cynical, but maybe it's an advertising gimmick. So that news reports about a certain sale or item being offered in their catalog (like, say, a new book by J.K. Rowling or the latest Star Wars on Blu-Ray), can say that "demand was so high for <item/sale> that Amazon's servers crashed."
  2. OK, I know this is a year-old thread, but I saw this linked to somewhere else and just thought I'd add my $.02. In case anyone's wondering where the startup ding came from, it's actually not from any version of Windows. It's PlayStation 1 "Totally not a virus. Trust me, I'm a dolphin." Lol.
  3. Hi Blackwingcat, I'm getting somewhere now (I hope)! I was able to find the KB3033890 update on your Legacy Updates site and it installed correctly. But, and I sincerely apologize as this seems to be a language issue (not your fault -- Google might do everything else at space-age levels, but their translation engine is awful), I am a little confused by what you mean by this: and the instructions on your site, which I ran through Google translate: Does this mean I should try replacing ntoskrnl.exe in Windows 2000 with an XP version? It looks that way from the screenshot, as there
  4. It's no longer available through the "open web," just gives you a blank page with nothing there. Strangely, it seems the ProgramAddons*.cab archives are still available on MediaFire, but the website itself is only available by asking Peabody and Sherman to fire up the Wayback Machine (but only towards the end of 2014, as 2015 or later meets with a robots.txt restriction). I don't know exactly what happened here, if the owner(s) let the domain registration expire and with it, the site, perhaps due to lack of interest as 7 and 8 (and now 10) came along, and therefore XP and the nLiteing of it be
  5. I downloaded the "Windows Media 9 Series" visualization (wmp9viz.exe) from Microsoft.com and tried to run it. Says it will only install on XP I tried extracting it and installing it from the .inf but get an error: "Installation failed". However, the WinSuperSite article indicates that visualizations should be available on all systems that WMP9 installs on: So I don't know what could be causing the visualizations to be blank. I do notice that in the program folder, there's a subfolder "Visualizations" which is empty; however, mpvis.dll (Windows Media Visualizations DLL) is in this fold
  6. Hi @BlackWingCat, I'm sorry but I can't read your website because it's in Japanese. I looked online for a version of that Microsoft Update (KB3033890) for Windows 2000, but can't seem to find it anywhere even mentioned as being for 2K. I downloaded an XP version linked in this thread but when I go to install it in the 2000 system it says the version of Windows I'm using is not compatible with this update. What I can decipher in English on your blog there at livedoor.jp is a Windows Media 10 update. I'm using Media Player 9. Should I update to 10 (apparently it works with 2K?), or is there a
  7. I don't know how you would "enable" visualizations other than by selecting them from the menu. I checked under Tools menu > Options, and there are no settings for visualizations, except under the Plug-Ins tab where you can change the full-screen resolution for only some of the collections by clicking on Properties (all except Ambience, Battery and Particle display an error message saying "this plug-in has no properties that you can set"). I just now tried another sample MIDI from C:\WINNT\Media, and the visualization still doesn't show. Do you think it's got anything to do with the VMW
  8. So I finally was able to get Windows 2000 installed in a VM for playing with old games and software, fully updated with the "unofficial" packs, IE6, and WMP9, thanks to some very helpful user suggestions including the popular guide here from @Kurt_Aust. But I noticed when trying to play some of Windows' sample MIDI files in WMP9, that those cool graphics things that play to the beat of the music, the Visualizations, don't show anything in the window when I select any of them from the menu. Are visualizations not compatible with Win2K at all, or is there something that I may have overlooked t
  9. Hi, thanks to everyone who responded to my original thread. I finally was able to get 2K and unofficial updates installed, using the nLite guide from @Kurt_Aust. Testing it out now in a VM. I'll keep all these links bookmarked as it wasn't easy to find the Google Drive link initially. Thanks too to "Gurgelmeyer" who apparently started this project, wherever he or she might be...
  10. Gurgelmeyer is the now mythic author of 2k uSP5, who has disappeared over the edge of the ether way back when,,, How so? Here where? What updates should I download from the Gurgelmeyer folder on the USP5 Google Drive. I see that there's a USP-5.1 "Refresh" archive among several other .exe program files. Should I download that one, the .7z? In what order would I install these USP/UURollup packages, or do they supersede one another?
  11. https://www.youtube.com/user/danooct1 (NB: Not me, just a fan.) I just wanted to share something tech-related that's also very entertaining. I notice there's a lot of vintage-system enthusiasts on this board and thought you might want to check out this channel. I'm relatively young for a computer nostalgist, so until I saw this guy's videos, I had no idea that viruses used to be kind of an art form for malware writers to show off their skills. Some of those 8-bit graphics were pretty darn cool... if you can ignore the fact that your hard drive just got wiped. Not only that, but some
  12. Thanks @nostalgic98 for the Google Drive link. @submix8c I thought "discontinued" meant he was no longer making a fully consolidated "service pack" install program that contained all the updates. I see that they're in the folder now, but am puzzled as to why they're in .7z and not .exe format. Is HFSLIP program difficult to use or will these integrate properly with nLite? IIRC nLite is really only for XP installs, and gets kind of finicky when applied to W2K. BTW, what or who is "Gurgelmeyer" and what if anything should I get from here?
  13. Hi, I've been looking to install 2K in a VM and want to have the most updated system as possible. I've been searching everywhere for an installer for the 2K Rollups from user tomasz86 among others, but all I can find are old threads on here and at RyanVM.net, dead links to Google Drive, and some other users' sites which are spottily preserved on Internet Archive. I don't see much of anything newer than 2012 or so. Tomasz' windows2000.tk page is still up, but you have to download all the updates manually and it's very tedious. I thought I had seen screenshots of a Rollup installer awhile back
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