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  1. For the sake of argument, we wouldn't be here otherwise it's possible to integrate nVidia Display Driver 301.42 with nLite, simply by adding a single driver in the driver section and pointing to nv4_disp.inf. Did it on A8N-SLI Premium / Athlon 64 x2 4400+ / GT 220. That method didn't worked with some recent version of the driver. The inf called from winnt.sif method doesn't work either. Only the driver gets installed by nLite, but the Control Panel (quite annoying not to have it), nView, Physix are not installed. If someone could figure out a way to add the control panel unattendedly, I would be very pleased
  2. In a way i'm glad to see people still integrating nvidia geforce into unattended xp, and fail ... I've always used the inf method to integrate the nvida driver, and since v270.xx nvidia corp changed their install package, and i couldn't find a (clean) way to install them. I haven't tried the very last one, v285.58, maybe they changed something again. Et si tu veux OnePiece_IE8_WinXPSP3_AddOn_FRA.7z je peux te l'envoyer ...
  3. As they seem to keep changing their installation package, I think i'll make a specific request for that 270.61 version. I can't managed to integrate it with inf method (called from winnt.sif) in my unattended xp x86, no drivers installed when first login, the odd thing is that i can then install them with inf method (Devices/Update Driver ... pointing the inf) and not only driver get installed but also PhysX nView, Control Panel and the updater. With the 266.58 version calling inf from winnt.sif resulted in a message error "Nvidia Driver Errror" at t = 34 during install but when getting on the desktop the driver was installed but not the Control Panel and the rest of the crap software. Has anybody else encountered the same problems ? nVidia should release a package with only drivers and without all others programs or services, this constant changing of the install package is getting very annoying.
  4. Great thanks for this very nice trick, I hope it'll work also for registry keys. And why disable windowsupdate is because seeing how it worked on xp, I prefer to choose them and download/install them myself, because after that I make my unattended installation, and the point of this unattended installation is to have a secured windows BEFORE going on the internet (an old habit o got from blaster worm).
  5. @Blekthor I don't need the other annoyance called WGA, and one of the first things i do when installing windows (xp, 7) is to kill the windows update service. Once again I want to remove WRP because I want to modify/delete ANY file/directory/registry key without ANY promt. Clear and simple. @iamtheky Great thanks, I'll look into this, but it seems that I already try those.
  6. Could you be a bit more precise, what software are you talking about ? Can you access all files and refistry keys on the computer without restriction and/or useless prompt ? I would be so glad to be the owner of my own licensed and very expensive (a real insult when you can't administer it) operating system ...
  7. As the topic subject says, I want to disable, nuke or remove Windows Resource Protection. The "specific reason" is that I don't want this fonction/feature/annoyance on my computer. Like many people disable Windows File Protection in Windows XP, I want to get rid of Windows Resource Protection in 7/Vista.
  8. Thanks for the reply, but its seems to be for xp. Windows File Protection was replaced by WRP in Vista and 7.
  9. I'm still surprise that i couldn't find any answers yet about that main feature. So how to disable, nuke, remove Windows Resource Protection ?
  10. Any news with the last release 257.21 ? At first I had trouble installing it, but with a little modification to the nv4_disp.inf it worked like a charm. More explanations if required ... In fact I still get an error while calling nv4_disp.inf from winnt.sif : at t33 i get an error, "Failed to install one of the core component which may affect driver functionality. The most recent driver that worked will now be restored" Then it asks for reboot (still while installing, after t33), but i got rid of that annoyance by removing all the new words "Reboot" in nv4_disp.inf. Those "Reboot" just appeared in the last 257.21 (and maybe the beta before too), so i figured they were part of the problem, but i always get the first error. Despite of these errors, if i don't interact and let the install complete itself, the driver seems completely installed in windows. So maybe i just bother myself with a very little problem with no consequence, but it stills annoys me that nvidia can't help changing the install package. They also add those lines ... NVSupportAudio = 1 NVSupportNview = 1 NVSupportPhysx = 1
  11. That could help save a lot of time each time one have to rebuild his unattended xp. Let me look into it and keep encouraging you in your helpful work.
  12. xyu

    Windows Updates

    @ Muppet Hunter First of all, lets just have a glimpse at all the thanks and the recognition you deserve for keeping the hotfix list up to date. Just reporting a typing error, there are two "WindowsXP-KB971557-x86-ENU.exe" one links to kb971557 but the other one (feb 2010) links to kb975560. Another thing : is it normal that some patches that were removed in feb 2010 are back in the main list now ? Thanks again and keep up the good work !
  13. As long as the fix concerns the installation process i really can't see how it could be different for x86 or x64. You forgot that the problem had nothing to do with the version of windose, nvidia changed their installer that's all.
  14. Good, very good news, from German-WinLite.de ! In NV4_DISP.INF, under [DestinationDirs], just change that: nv_controlpanel_copyfiles = 01 to that: nv_controlpanel_copyfiles = 11 It's amazing but that's it. I've just tried it and it worked with the good old method of pointing the *.inf folder in the winnt.sif. So many thanks for beatmaster and his post http://german-winlite.de/wbb/index.php?pag...29267#post29267 Happy unattending !

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