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  1. thanks for this, much appreciated, but I am looking for something else...
  2. can you tell me please how to do it with this programs? the files are text files with .log extension but I cant make it work thank you in advance
  3. is this good? http://global.msi.com.tw/index.php?func=pr...rod_no=74&a ... at2_no=129
  4. hello can you tell me please what hardware to buy to watch TV on my laptop? whats the best? I also want to hear FM radio and record both radio and tv and to see telexext too thanks
  5. hello consider Windows Picture Viewer it opens the image files inside a folder and browses throught them by hitting ENTER hitting DELETE deletes the current viewable file is there a program to do this for TXT files?
  6. very interesting! I will try it ASAP by the way how did you create it?
  7. ah I thought it was a company since many here said "Custom Build" (they used " ")
  8. nothing wrong I want second clipboard and the ability to easily copy by just highlighting
  9. hello I would like a program that will enable me do this: when I highlight any text, it will automatically copy it to a clipboard (a second clipboard, not the windowsxp default) this second clipboard must independent of the windowsxp clipboard then, I will be able to paste the text with a custom hotkey, other than ctrl+v is there a program like this? thanks
  10. can you tell me please whats Custom Build thanks
  11. Large screen OLED display prototypes have been made but yet to be manufactured on large scale. this article is from 2005... any new info?? I thought plasma monitors were producing lower quality display than LCD's...
  12. very interesting is there OLED for PC? and something else, I cant understand how projectors can produce high quality images... (most projectors I have used/seen produce crappy images)
  13. you mean E-paper is the best or CRT is the best? if you used the symbol > literaly, you mean CRT is the best...
  14. that is very interesting! is there a comparison of each types of displays as for eye tiring ?
  15. hello! what will need to be done in order to say that reading/watching a monitor is as tiring for the eyes as reading/watching a paper/photo what is left for monitor technology to reach perfect vision for the eye? more brightness? less dot pitch size? more contrast? higher refresh rates? what? thanks!
  16. oh I forgot it its because HTTRACK cannot do it... so I am looking for other recommendations
  17. hello I need a program that will automatically go to a list of urls and save the webpages as I save them manualy in my browser, by clicking ctrl+s etc I want the FULL webpage saved (html and folder with the files) also the site is password protected 1) I can login via the login form of the website 2) I have to re-login after some minites, because the cookie expires and last, something else the urls are this type: <http://www.something.com/1.html?type=true> and not <http://www.something.com/1.html> each of the above urls result in different webpage so the program must be able to download this <http://www.something.com/1.html?type=true> do you know any program that can do it? thank you!
  18. hello people I need some help I have made few hotstrings that will autocorrect some of my common typing mistakes will this prevent me from learning to type correctly and fast? should I use these hotstrings, that will make me type faster, or I should not use them in order to learn to type? thanks
  19. hello I need a program that will automatically go to a list of urls and save the webpages as I save them manually in my browser, by clicking ctrl+s etc I want the FULL webpage saved (html and folder with the files) thank you!
  20. okie, I was thinking about a software tool...
  21. hello the manufacturer cannot answer my question "whats the brightness in cd/m2 of my laptop screen?" is there any way to figure it out? any tool or something? thanks
  22. I noticed something else: while there is a constant progress from companies to increase Contrast Ratio and to lower Response Time, they dont try to increase Brightness... why? is 300cd/m2 enough and thats why they dont try to increase it? in the past there where lcd monitors with 500+ cd/m2 brightness, but now all new models seem to have about 300 cd/m2 does anyony know why?
  23. yeah I didnt find anything... do you came up with something?
  24. thanks I basically want a monitor that will be less eye-irritating and I dont do professional photo/video editing etc apart from wide-screen and resolution there are few more important differences: 1) Pixel Pitch: 0.283 mm and 0.294 mm 2) Contrast Ratio: 2000:1 and 3000:1 there seem to be some differences of about 10° in "Viewing Angle" and 3 ms in "Response Time" which I dont know if they are important
  25. hello can you tell me (with arguements) what monitor is the best from these two: LG Flatron L194WT and LG Flatron L1970HR click here for a comparison ofcourse, if you think that another 19" monitor is better than those two above, please feel free to say it thanks
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