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    winxp has some features to enable networking which of them are necessary for ethernet/adsl connections? can I use a software instead of built-in features to create a network between different machines or to remotely access my pc? thanks
  2. colore


    I do not use RunOnEx :/
  3. colore


    which tweak does such thing
  4. colore

    portable xp

    I want to take my pc with me and run it from usb stick I want exactly my pc in a usb stick to make it run from every pc
  5. colore

    portable xp

    hello how can I create a live cd with xp? so that I can take "my pc" with me thanks
  6. colore


    I didnt select OEM install but nlite created an $OEM$ folder with a cmdlines.txt file in it! why?
  7. thanks but... anyone??
  8. hello first I would like to mention the lack of documentation of nlite Unattended > Regional what is "language"? what do I choose? what is "language groups"? what do I choose? my winxp cd is english, but I type in english and another language, and I have set a non-english language under control panel > reginal settings > advanced > language for non-unicode programs if I choose "custom" and enter another keyboard it will have both the new language and english, or only english? Unattended > Users what does the "active" mean? Unattended > Users I think if I deactivate Administator, I wont be able to login with any other administrative account, is it true? (cant spare cds to test it more) Unattended > Users what does "must have password" mean? Unattended > Desktop themes which is the "default"? what if remove CPU Intel/AMD in hardware support? my pc wont work? what does "remove document templates" mean? is it possible to remove all but one of the "account pictures"? or maybe restore one after install? remove "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" the ability to see pictures? (it doesnt say so in nlite) can I re-enable a disabled SFC after installation? (automated would be best) smooth edges of screen fonts: difference of "standard" or "disabled"? thanks
  9. yes indeed thanks but from all the software mentioned there, I only liked autoit (I like the standalone exe feature) but it doesnt have gui! I find it hard to create script isnt there a gui similar to almeza? thanks
  10. after xp install, I install my programs and I configure them is there a tool to record my actions and reproduce them one by one ? eg, click the necessary buttons such as "Next", "I Agree...", "Finish", etc., specify folder, open menus and setup program options etc I found this http://www.almeza.com/ but it didnt satisfy me thanks
  11. I would like to check the text I type in every application (text editor, web browser, etc) I want to check the spelling and correct it on-the-fly, or the program to suggest me about possible corrections I want to use my own custom dictionary I want it to work with Greek and English language at the same time (2 or more dictionaries loaded) but ofcourse, not to do the double time or use the double system resources to check some text (it should recognize the language each time and use the relevant dictionary) I want it to autocorrect specific text (replace it on-the-fly) with some other text I specify, and I must be able to specify this text using wildcard/regex (althouth many programs have autocorrect features, no one supports wildcards/regex and thus they are very limited) I want to type something and the program to autocomplete the words I beging to type (autocomplete by the most frequently used words in a document) like OpenOffice does is there any software that meets the above requirements? thanks
  12. in previous versions there was a tab where you could choose not to display all the pictures it does during winxp installation and some other options as well where is this in the new version? if it is removed, why?
  13. I mentioned bt/rf as examples of wireless communication I found http://www.silexamerica.com/ that seems to do the job
  14. hello I have many usb devices to connect to my pc, and there is a mess with the cables is it possible to connect an adaptor in my pc and connect an adaptor to the usb devices and make them communicate wirelessly? some kind of usb-to-wireless adaptor (bluetooth, rf, any wireless) thanks
  15. when I have some windows opened (all maximized) and I click the tab of the active window in the taskbar, winxp drops the window in the background but it doesnt activate any of the rest window, and it goes in a state where all windows are in the background (no one is activated) and at the same time all windows are maximized this is so annoying, is it possible to fix it? thanks
  16. colore


    hello it seems alt is a winxp global keyboard shortcut that enables in all programs the "File, Edit, View, etc" bar of all programs is there a way to disable/dis-associate this shortcut? thanks
  17. colore


    I remember that I am asked two times during xp installation to give 2 names firstly, the computer name and then some kind of username but I dont remember the limitations of each (I hope nlite has taken them into consideration) from which username does the "xxxxxx' s Documents" folder take its name?
  18. under 'services' everything is default, how will we know if something will be enabled in after the installation or not? 2)I would like to ask, this version has more or less options to configure regarding the previous versions? it should have more, but somehow it gives me the sense it has less
  19. colore


    hello I dont understand this: under 'unattended', under 'users' there is a list with the users account at the right, there is a section called 'personal' with 'user name' and 'full name' entries whats their difference? what will happen if I leave them blank? is there any documentation about them? what about the other entries (description, organization)? moreover, nlite asked me to give a 'full name' for the administrator account, why? last, under 'network id' tab there is a 'computer name' entry, what is it for? what will happen if I leave it blank? thanks
  20. hello can I burn the iso in a dvd? moreover, can I install it from the hard disk directly? thanks
  21. exactly this is what I want I mostly use only one entry from the right-click context menus eg, in recycle bin's context menu I use 99,99% the 'empty' entry, 0.0001% the 'properties' entry (I use it only when I boot on freshly installed winxp) and the other entries actually never another key/mouse clicks combination should reveal the context menus, I dont want to completely loose them and ofcourse, for items that I use many context menus entries, I want them as they are
  22. hello I would like to associate right/left mouse clicks on items with specific actions eg right click on recycle bin = empty recycle bin right click on a link in a browser = open link in new background tab thanks
  23. hello, in the 'save as' dialog box at left there are some shortcuts to common folders to save the file, can I edit them ? thanks
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