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  1. hello is there a program that will create all possible combinations from three lists of words? thanks
  2. hello I have a folder with many pdf,doc,txt files, is there a way to browse through them, without having to open and close each one, just like windows xp image viewer? thanks
  3. hello I want all my drives/partitions to have the same name as their letter eg, partition D: to be named D, and not E winxp often gives by itself names to my partitions (especialy when I plugin usb drives) that are totaly irrelevant with the letters of the partitions eg: D(E:) is there a way to prevent this and force winxp to use as the name of a partition, always its letter? thanks
  4. how do I remove this icon and at the same time be able to use it if I want?
  5. hello when you right click > print a picture, a "photo printing wizzard" pops up is there a way to remove it with nlite?
  6. hello I want the files to appear in "detail" view mode, which is set by: Right click > View > Details I know that I set it as default from: Control Panel > Folder Options > Apply to all folders but some windows keep listing files not in the "detail" view mode that I want such windows are "save as" windows, "open" windows etc I post a picture of such window with the way it displays the files and now I post the same window with the "detail" view mode, that I want to display as default is there a way to fix it? to make "detail" view mode default in such windows too? thanks
  7. colore


    ok then how do I disable it? I want to disable autologon in my xp installation (and I will enable it with powertoy after installation)
  8. colore

    requests and bugs

    This tweak would be really dangerous in combination with Recycle Bin: delete files directly. Anyway, this is ShellState tweak and there could be a problem I wrote above. I would like to see this tweak in nLite, too. I think more dangerous is to delete directly without sending to recycle bin, even with notification (see accidental click of ok) comparing to deleting without notification to recycle bin I always use "dont ask" and "move to recycle bin" combination
  9. thanks but do there work with nlite ?
  10. moreover in the webpage http://support.microsoft.com/kb/888111 says "Note This hotfix is not available for download. To acquire this hotfix, contact Microsoft Product Support Services. For more details, see the "More Information" section."
  11. I agree, in many questions answers and comments are confusing, they must be fixed
  12. hello I need to integrate .NET framework 1.1 and 2.0 how do I do it? thanks
  13. thats very interesting and I didnt know it the driver was shipped with my laptop and not as a hotfix so what if its a modified driver to suit my laptop? there is no way to integrate this and not the hotfix?
  14. colore

    requests and bugs

    the tweak you mean says "if enabled, files will be deleted directly, instead of moving them to recycle bin", which is apparently not what I want the above option is in: right click Recycle bin > properties > do not move files to recycle bin the option I proposed to be added as tweak (ie to delete files without warning, either to recycle bin or permanently depending of your settings) is in the same tab (recycle bin properties) just below ("display or not delete confirmation dialog")
  15. thanks but I already know this, though there is nothing extractable in "Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) Bus Driver for High Definition Audio" :/
  16. colore

    requests and bugs

    hello bugs: 1)I chose "black/no window during setup" option, but I got a window informing me about what is currently istalled (network components, start menu, registering components etc) 2)I chose NOT to use gradient captions in windows, but it does use 3)I chose NOT to underline key shortcuts, but it underlines File,Edit etc when I hit ALT in windows explorer 4)I try to use my language in Regional Settings > Advanced > Language for non-unicode programs, but it asks me for the xp cd (althouth, I removed all but my language in nlite), why? 5)I got "Found new hardware wizard" during installation!!! this is not unattended installation, shouldnt it install the driver on its own? furthemore, I I was asked to install 3 times the "plug n play monitor", I suppose its a bug 6)I got "use visual styles on windows and buttons" (under visual effects settings) enabled, without even know how (I never chosed it in nlite if it exists there) 7)something very strange: each time I hover mouse over an item from a context (right click) menu in explorer or desktop, a light blue box is appeared in the selection, instead of the classic deep blue one request new features: 1)autocycle cd after reboot so that xp installation will continue 2)preconfigure drivers (eg customize hardware settings, disable their tray icons etc) 3)tweak: delete = moves directly to recycle bin instead of asking 4)ability to set "Regional Settings > Advanced > Language for non-unicode programs" 5)ability to choose key sequence to change languages 6)now nlite only adds new keyboard language, I want to add new input language too (see regional settings) 7)can I integrate a wallpaper? only wallpaper, not skin or whatever thanks
  17. hello how do I integrate "Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) Bus Driver for High Definition Audio" driver? it does not have an .inf file, it has only cab/exe files furthemore, in many of my drivers, there are more than one .inf files, which should I choose? eg in "Intel Chipset Installation Utility for ICH7" driver, under its "XP" folder there are 5 .inf files eg in Texas Instruments driver, each of the 2 inf gives different info when loaded in nlite and last, some hotfixes require Windows Installer 3.1, am I able to integrate these hotfixes? thanks
  18. colore


    why no one can tell whats happening? why there is no documentation for this tool? where is the author?
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