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    omg what kind of post is that above
  2. colore


    i lost the rest of the conversation is there a solution to my original post?
  3. colore


    indeed i am wired atm, but i still wanted to see other wireless networks! i should be able to also connect to some else wireless network, should I ? or would like to see the available wireless connections, without having to unplug okay, i understand i cant do it, i give up :/
  4. colore


    please accept my apologies in that link, I cannot proceed further than the 1st step, because I cannot see the “Manage wireless networks”. !!! screenshot
  5. colore


    but i want an alternative way to bring the "available wireless networks" window, not via any traybar icon!
  6. colore


    the problem is that somehow that icon doesnt appear in traybar (I probably disabled it) isnt there any other way to bring up the window with the available wireless networks?
  7. colore


    hello! android has a so marvelous way to connect via wifi: you simple click a button, it scans for available networks and you choose to connect while i consider myself pc advanced literate, i still cannot figure out how to do it in win7 maybe i expected it to be simple any hint? thanks!
  8. hello! there is a constant noise from my speakers that is only audible when i have them switched on the noise increases when i increase the volume (which i dont have music or something playing) and in very low volume it is not audible also, the noise is not heard (probably either covered or maybe disappeared) when music or something is heard from the speakers I dont know if it is an OS problem, a driver problem, a hardware problem or else but i can say it happened with winxp_x64 and with win7_x64 my hardware is: Logitech LS11 Motherboard Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H (rev. 1.0) my os is win7_x64 the audio driver is: Realtek Function driver for Realtek Azalia audio chip (Including Microsoft UAA/HDMI Driver in English edition) i also would like to note that i have a 5m expansion 3.5mm cable going out of my pc tower, which connects with my speakers' cable any idea? thanks!
  9. If you'd be so kind as to specify, then assistance may be forthcoming. <--Needed the motherboard is Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H (rev. 1.0) the hardware appearing in Device Manager are the hardware i need drivers for?
  10. It's very unlikely (why would they use a customised driver for LAN and sound card?). They are just the standard Realtek drivers. It's (almost) always better to use the newest version of drivers from the manufacturer website, not the drivers listed by Gigabyte simply because the ones listed by Gigabyte are usually not updated very often (if ever). okay, and how do i see the components of my motherboard that need driver, so that i will search for them in their respective manufacturers' websites?
  11. ATI Radeon HD 4250, which is onboard inside my motherboard
  12. but the Realtek implementation in my Gigabyte motherboard maybe be unique and may require a customized driver also, do i really need VGA driver ?
  13. hello! here are the drivers for Win7x64: here are the drivers for Win8x64: as you can see, some exe's are missing will my system work in Win8x64 as optimal as in Win7x64? thanks!
  14. Each time i open explorer
  15. hello! why win7 explorer doesnt remember the size of the preview pane? and i always have to resize it by dragging it to the correct point thanks!
  16. hello just installed Win7 can you explain me please the following: 1) i connected a hd and i was not able to run exe's in it, etc i wonder, if i have logged in as administrator, why it still requires for permissions, since they are set as 'full' for admin accounts? anyway, i set full permissions for all users and that fixed the problem 2) i disabled index service manually, but how do i stop notifications 'your search may be slow' ? also, how do i detele the data of indexing service that are stored and are now useless? 3) i am not sure if i use AHCI, and if yes, if i use it for all my drives and any drives i add in the future in my BIOS i last time have set manually to IDE i also, no longer get the bios notification to enable AHCI when i start my pc please advise 4) i 've heard that aero is a resource hog, how do i disable it? i dont know if it is enabled atm thanks!
  17. I now have WinXP 64bit and I will install Win7 Really? JFYI - Vista drivers ARE (generally) compatible with Windows7. To get the VEN/DEV info - Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools-System Information Now click on "Components" in the left pane Now click on (at top) File->Export->(pick a folder and give it a name) Now ZIP it and upload to here so we can help you find them. done, thanks! components.txt
  18. I now have WinXP 64bit and I will install Win7
  19. and some other of the usual 64 bit fanboyism, so - as a preventive measure - I will post a couple links: http://reboot.pro/17568/ http://reboot.pro/16544/page__st__25#entry151030 jaclaz you are saying that Win7 32bit can handle more physical RAM? how? what is the upper limit? there will be no problems at all?
  20. hello! i am soon upgrading my os how can i list all the devices attached to my system that would need a driver, so that i can download them beforehand? thanks!
  21. isnt there supposed to be a "migration" method to move to Win7 or something that supposedly satisfies these needs? or maybe a rollback to WinXP 32bit?
  22. hello! Windows XP 64 Bit Edition seems to be the worst OS ever, in terms of compatibility drivers, software, and so on are not compatible at all so, i definately need to switch to any other WinOS, but without losing my files, settings, apps is it possible??? thanks!
  23. I suspect my hard drive is 100% ok and that it's a winxp problem but how can I fix it?
  24. running chkdisk has stopped the bsod, but the wrong size indication in explorer is still there! no, the actual size of my drive is 500GB and it appeared like that previously as for what actually happened: I tried to delete a partition and then resize my primary partition to include all the disk size, with EaseUS after it freezed and I killed it, I got that bsod and errors

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