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    hello I made a winxp installation and I get errors installing wincap any idea how to fix it without having to reinstall xp? thanks
  2. thanks but I think this is irrelevant it is about 'USING THE FLATBED SCANNER ON THE MAC' and about a software plugin I am looking for specific hardware by 'border' I mean the plastic support borders outside the glass pane of the scanner
  3. hello I am looking for a scanner with a specific feature I want one of its scanning area edge to have no border to see what I am saying, look at this scanner: http://www.plustek.com/product/images/SEE.jpg it has very small border I want this border to be as small as possible, so that the scanner will scan at its edge if anyone knows scanner with this feature, please inform me thanks
  4. thanks can I enable email notification for the threads that I already participated or created? and I would like to enable them altogether, since they are many thanks
  5. hello how do I make the forum email me about new replies to 1) the threads I started 2) the threads I posted/participated thanks
  6. thanks I dont have a specific image hoster that I prefer I just tried imageshack's quickshot, but it doesnt allow to capture rectangular selection of the screen any ideas?
  7. colore


    no one knows? no one bothers?
  8. hello I often go through this procedure and I want it as much as automated as it can be choose area of the screen with the rectangular autopost it to a free image host service any ideas? is there a program that can do it? thanks
  9. colore


    thanks 1) I have set nlite to remove all but one language and keyboard, the japanese, under "Components" this creates a winxp that has BOTH english AND japanese and nothing else i) why it keeps english? ii) while I didnt choose any entry from the "Language Groups" it did had english and japanese so my question is what "Language Groups" is more than "Keyboards" + "Languages" under "Components" ? 2) what "User name" and "Full Name" are for an account? where is each displayed? are all need to be specified? if they are not specified, what will be their value? is there any impact? as for "Password type"? I suppose he mean to type the password... what happens if I dont specify password? as for "Blank password" ? what does it mean? whats the difference between enabling "Blank password" and just not specifying a password without enabling "Blank password"? 3) about each entry under "owner and network id": what is needed to be specified in order to have unattended installation? what are the restrictions of each? where these values are displayed? if I dont specificy them, whats the impact? what value they will get?
  10. I am looking forward for your suggestion thanks
  11. colore


    hello in Unattended > General, Users 1) which entry is needed to be specified? 2) if I dont specifiy an entry what value it will have? in Unattended > Regional > Language Groups what is this Language Groups? what is Localization? what is "skip OOBE" ? why is it so hard for the person that wrote the program to include some info on each setting? we are not supposed to know all of these
  12. I am working on JS which imo would be the best solution
  13. hello 1) is there a way to grab and store (in a txt file) all the "links" or "urls in the text" of all the webpages I visit, that contain a specific string eg urls like www.*.com/*.pdf ? the program must scan the text and links of all the webpages I visit and if it finds an url of the above mask, it should store it (in a text file) 2) I would like a program that will store (in a text file) the urls of the webpages I visit that match a specific mask eg www.google.com/* thanks!
  14. colore

    build number

    hello whats the latest build number of win xp pro? how do I check for updated build numbers? thanks
  15. hello is there a program that I will give it three letters eg a,b,c,d and it will create ALL possible combinations that consist of three letters? eg aaa,abc,abb, etc? thanks
  16. its an Intel Dual Core T2050, 1GB RAM, 100GB notebook
  17. hello I have the new msn messenger and whnever I start it my system slows very much and the hard disk does as if I defragment, it seems very busy how can I stop this?
  18. hello can I have GNOME desktop (basically, its window manager) in my WinXP system?
  19. hello can I have x-mouse in windows xp?
  20. maybe there are some fonts "proven" to be more comfortable... because I dont have ALL the fonts, maybe I miss some nice fonts, I am open to suggestions...
  21. mmm thanks! anyone tried it? is it nice? is there any alternative from other brands?
  22. hello does Apple Mighty Mouse work with non-Apple hardware? with a simple intel pc? http://www.apple.com/mightymouse/ if not, is there any similar product for simple pc's? thanks
  23. thank you very much
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