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  1. many thanks TWIMC, I moved the above mentioned files in system and inf folders of c:\windows accordingly and it worked!
  2. okay.. I have almost none of them (I actualy have only sti.inf, sti.dll) what's the next step? can i extract them from win cd? and how do i install them? thanks
  3. oh, its been so long ago, I dont have it anymore is there a way to restore all the digital camera and PTP/MTP stuff that nlite strips?
  4. hello I have a stripped XP version I installed my digital camera drivers, but XP doesnt recognize them for some strange reason please note that my camera does not have a Mass Storage mode, the pc recognizes it through its PTP/MTP drivers and activates the software to transfer the photos is this because I removed something with nlite? thanks
  5. hello is there a way to customize the 'save as' dialog box? for example, at the left there is a list of some default folders and I would like this to be dynamic, to show the last used (recent) folders is there a file manager that has customized 'save as' dialog boxes to replace explorer or any other way? thanks
  6. hello 1. does vlite support windows server 2008? 2. is it true that again server 2008 (optimized for desktops) is better/faster than vista? 3. is server 2008 better/faster than 2003 (optimized for desktops)? 4. if yes, which 2008 version is best for desktops? thanks
  7. this is what I need: JBOD http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JBOD#Concaten...JBOD_or_SPAN.29 why this wont help preventing duplicates?
  8. hello I know google is full of alarm timer countdown software, but I need a good one, I have tested many and I am not satisfied do you use any such program? if yes, which? thanks
  9. thanks I would like to make all the files and folders to all my hard disks (that are external) to appear as if they were all in one disk and I then to use this hypothetical disk as a database of all my files and folders so that I can check if a file is already there or not
  10. hello I have several external hard disks with files I need a program that will gather the names and size of all the files and folders in them and it will create a database of all the files and folders then, when I paste a file in a specific folder, it will check if the files is duplicated and it will popup a warning of 'file already exist' as if the file existed this will save me from having duplicate files on each of the drives is there a program that can do this? I know that it can be done with specific RAID hardware, but I want a software solution thanks
  11. thanks is there any program that will help us manage/edit this list?
  12. I think the advantage is obvious there will be no congestion of the start up programs trying to start when XP loads, making the winxp start up more heavy than it already is you need those programs to always be at hand (at tray) so you need them to start when xp loads, in order to save you starting them manualy or not to have them running in case you forgot to start them manualy I am not talking about programs like antivirus that it must be started when the OS loads, but some others that you have them sit at tray thanks
  13. hello why I cannot delete specific registered filetype extensions? for example AVI cannot be deleted: but AVS can be deleted: and when I 'restore' AVI, then it can be deleted: who can explain this ? also, is there a speed advantage of deleting rarely used extensions? will the system run smoother? thanks
  14. hello many people often are worried about long start up times of XP and this is often because of too many programs set to start up with XP is there a way to make some programs start few seconds after XP start up? this will prevent this common problem and it wont be inconvenient, since most start up programs aren't really meant to work at the time were XP loads thanks
  15. hello I want to write my own window manager / shell for windows xp where do I start? thanks
  16. hello I need a program that will download urls from a list in a text file it should just save the html (saving the complete webpage, ie. the html AND a folder with the files, should be optional) also, it should use any cookies necessary from the web browser (IE) in order to authenticate last, it should download every few seconds between each url, or with random time interval do you know any program? I already know wget, but I have problems with cookie authentication thanks
  17. I disabled all non-Microsoft and the problem persists how do I create exlporer dumps?
  18. hello as you may hae noticed, the new trend (since vista came out) in window managers is 3D animation we had the best window manager and all we missed is 3D animation? who wants miliseconds of delay to open a window or to resize it? (if you add them, you have a many minutes) who wants his pc to comsume serious system resources of expensive hardware that consumes large wattage in order to have this 'eye-candy' ? just look at these people here http://bumptop.com/ they consume so much time and money in order to make a bullsht, in order to bring chaos to desktops and in order to make us buy a 1,000 pc to run a simple task what is going on with this trend? they want to impress chicks, or to do work? am I the only one that needs a simple, clean, heavily customized, ever-light in resources, fast desktop with USEFUL features?
  19. hello when any application or explorer.exe tries to access the files/folders tree that appears at the left in 'windows explorer' makes the system freeze is there any solution? thanks
  20. hello what is new in SP3? I read only few intranet features and some deploying features are in SP3 should a home/soho user bother to upgrade? thanks
  21. He wanted to know about CPU decay. Integrated Chips. exactly MS Windows decay is inarguable, but I am talking about having the same OS/software in identical condition
  22. ok, I suppose there might be some users that (according to your way of thinking) buy laptop with celeron, 4.200 rpm hard disk and integrated graphics card in order to save money, memory, energy... but let's get back to the topic please desktop systems were always the pioneers in new technologies, because there is no space limit, as in laptops, so we first see new technologies in desktops and after few months/years in laptops as for monitor dpi, it seems that the opposite happens all the web community praised Lenovo L220x as the WUXGA industry-first (and consumer-available, I would say) but laptops seem to have higher resolutions, which I find strange
  23. here are 6 laptops with 15.4" and 1920x1200 http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....amp;srchInDesc= I don't think that text is small in these laptops... high resolution means better image quality... I bet most users would prefer these screens but my question is still: even at 1680x1050, laptops are 15.4" and desktops 21" or more increased resolution in specific size doesnt mean smaller letters (font size can be increased), it means more high image quality
  24. hello I would like to know why laptop monitors (that are supposed to have less quality than desktop monitor, since their size is limited) are 15.4" and 1920 x 1200, while a desktop monitor to have 1920 x 1200 resolution, must be 24" and above? how laptop monitors achieve such high resolution and desktop monitors cannot achieve it? thanks

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