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  1. hello can you tell me please how can I prevent nlite from naming me 'Owner' and creating the folder C:\Documents and Settings\Owner ? I want to name my account something else than Owner thanks
  2. colore


    hello why is 'help' needed to install mui and how can I install mui in a winxp that has not 'help' ? thanks
  3. hello during normal windows xp installation, it asks two times to give a name in both those times, you are not allowed to use some specific names, eg Administrator, User etc can you tell me please, 1)what do we name in each of the above times? the computer? the default administrator account? our own account with administrative rights? 2)what are the restrictions in each time? (I dont remember them) 3)how do we specify the above names in nlite? thanks
  4. colore

    devices drivers

    hello 1) in my new windows installation, I get an error in device manager that says there is no driver for 'mass storage controler' I use usb hard disk (I dont know if its relevant) and besides the above error, it works which component I removed in nlite created this problem? 2) I get an error of an unknown device, how can I see which device is this? I only see on its properties tab, this: 'Location: on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System' thanks
  5. anything it can be 'du super controler', 'safely remove hardware' etc etc anything it can be 'du super controler', 'safely remove hardware', 'sound control' etc etc
  6. hello is it possible to hide a tray icon? not with xp taskbar properties, because it results in an arrow appearing in tray thanks!
  7. hello can anyone tell me how can I enrich default ms office dictionary? I have my own custom greek dictionary I want to compare it with msoffice's dictionary then, I will add the words that arent already included into msoffice's dictionary ofcourse I want to add them in batch, not manually any ideas? thank you! PS: I tried to use my custom dictionary, but its 7MB and makes msoffice freeze when it tries to spell check with it this dictionary can be used flawlessly with a notepad replacement program, pspad does this make sense? am I doing something wrong? how can a small program run a 7Mb dictionary and msoffice cannot?
  8. colore

    msconfig problem

    hello when I run>msconfig, I get: 'An access denied error was returned while attempting to change a service. You may need to log on using an Administrator account to make the specified changes' what went wrong? how can I fix it? thanks please note I am logged with my account which is admin account
  9. I thought it could be done by registry hacking
  10. no I dont mean this the 'clasic start menu' doesnot contain 'recent programs' list I wont either to be able to: 1)in 'xp start menu', move the 'All Programs' from where it is (at the left bottom) to the right bottom of the start menu or 2)add 'recent programs' in classic start menu (so that everything will be in one column thanks
  11. hello! in winxp, I want to put the 'All Programs' of the xp-style 'start menu' at the right column, instead of the left column which is by default, how can I do it ? thanks! Title edited -- Please, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. --Sonic

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