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  1. hello can you tell me please how much light does a scanner throws to a paper in order to scan it? it may depend on the sensor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:SI_light_units thanks
  2. hello I have devices that have US-type plug and others with UK-type plugs can you tell me please if I can use them to europe? what do I need? just a pin-adapter, or it must do voltage and/or frequency conversion as well? I don't want my devices damaged thanks
  3. hello there is a strange thing that happens the last days: my modem/router resets itself (it does like the power supply is stopped and then immediately restarted) this happens with a router that has its own power supply and is connected via usb to the pc, also it happens with a modem I tried, that it has no power supply (it takes it from the pc via usb) I really can't figure out why this happens, is it a virus? is there an option in XP to stop modem/router from working in order to preserve power ? (I use laptop) any ideas? thanks
  4. when vlite will fully support win2k8 including component removal? thanks
  5. it would be around 15 inches high and 8.5 x 11 inches its base it should be strong in order to keep its shape (there is no weight that will be put on to sustain)
  6. I would bother, but search for WAIK didn't return this result thanks anyway
  7. thanks but I still need this WAIK?
  8. please is it ok now to use vLITE with win server 2008? thanks PS: also do I really need WAIK? (its 1.4 GB...)
  9. please need help I need your imagination
  10. thanks is there a website i can order non-bendable sticks? I don't have any tool, I can buy the needed ones I want to join it as a pyramid
  11. well, volume and surface are not dimensions I need to calculate the sides and height, which are dimensions the pyramid has a rectangular base, so it's 4 sides and one base
  12. hello I want to build a pyramid structure with the sides of the pyramid made of metal rails is there any material that I can buy and use (cut, join etc) at home? but it must be sturdy as metal rails thanks
  13. hello I often do this: copy specific lines from a web page and paste them in a new text file to save it I copy each line and then I paste and I hit ENTER to paste the new line is there a way to automate this? 1) to auto-copy the line after I select it? 2) to autohit ENTER (new line) after I paste a line in the text document? thanks
  14. hello I need a website that has tools to make calculations and specificaly to calculate the dimensions of a pyramid (given the dimensions of the base and the height of the pyramid) do you know any such? thanks
  15. hello in my xp 'system idle process' is overload, consuming most, even 99, of my CPU which processes use this? how do I reduce this? thanks
  16. no, I want those programs and I moreover want to fill this space with others
  17. hello why all this area is wasted? is there a way to put there program shortcuts or anything? thanks
  18. this is what I wanted to and I asked many months ago, but I didn't manage to find a good solution this is my previous topic
  19. hello can you tell me please which is the fastest flatbed scanner? I don't have any recent benchmarks thanks
  20. thanks I don't want cordless (too much radiation) how do these work? also, maybe a very thin retractable cord exists?
  21. hello is there a way to prevent my phone cable from curling? thanks
  22. hello when I print documents, I want to be notified about the size of the letters on paper (8p, 10p, etc) and I want to normalize them, because I ofter get huge letters on paper is there any way to do this? thanks

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