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  1. I am afraid what I want does not exist I basicaly need a phone, just like the cordless ones that they don't have any stand (you just put them on their stand only when you need to charge the batteries) and in order to close the line, you push a button (instead of putting it on its stand, as you do with the corded phones) but I don't want it to be cordless, I want it to have cord
  2. hello is there any benchmark comparison between Xeon Harpertown, AMD Opteron, AMD Phenom, and Intel Core 2 Quad? I know there is a server vs desktop processor comparison, but I would like to know, since they have the prices roughly Specificaly I would like to know how do these compare: Intel Xeon E5405 Harpertown 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz AMD Phenom 9500 Agena 2.2GHz thanks
  3. hello I need a home corded telephone that has not base/stand that also has 3.5 or 2.5 mm or any kind of audio jack do you know any? thanks
  4. thanks but how do I use this? aadipa, indeed, I wanted to write ???.txt, sorry
  5. what I suppose would do the job is to put zeros in front of the filenames but is there any program that will put zeros in front of the filenames, but make all the filenames have the same number of digits? I mean, it must not just add 3 zeros in front of all filenames, it should add 3 zeros infront of ?.txt filenames 2 zeros in front of ??.txt filenames 1 zero in front of ???.txt filenames etc example: I have: 2150 61250478 122 and need: 00002150 61250478 00000122
  6. unfortunately it doesn't the job for example this: copy ??.txt 02.tmp combines these: 1.txt 10.txt 100.txt 110.txt 120.txt 130.txt 140.txt 150.txt 160.txt 170.txt 180.txt 190.txt 20.txt 200.txt 210.txt 220.txt 230.txt 240.txt 250.txt 260.txt 270.txt 280.txt 290.txt 30.txt 300.txt 310.txt 320.txt 330.txt 340.txt 350.txt 360.txt 370.txt 380.txt 390.txt 40.txt 400.txt 410.txt 420.txt 430.txt 440.txt 450.txt 460.txt 470.txt 480.txt 490.txt 50.txt 500.txt 510.txt 520.txt 530.txt 540.txt 550.txt 560.txt 570.txt 580.txt 590.txt 60.txt 600.txt 610.txt 620.txt 630.txt 640.txt 650.txt 660.txt 670.txt 680.txt 690.txt 70.txt 700.txt 710.txt 720.txt 730.txt 740.txt 750.txt 760.txt 770.txt 780.txt 790.txt 80.txt 800.txt 810.txt 820.txt 830.txt 840.txt 850.txt 860.txt 870.txt 880.txt 890.txt 90.txt 900.txt 910.txt 920.txt 930.txt 940.txt 950.txt 960.txt 970.txt 980.txt 990.txt
  7. hello I want to build a E5405 processor system can you tell me please all the compatible motherboards and graphic and audio cards thanks
  8. thanks! this works! EDIT: mmm there is a problem the files are sorted per filename in the explorer and this is the sequence in which I want to combine them: 1.txt 10.txt 20.txt etc but the above command combines them in this order: 1.txt 10.txt 100.txt etc any idea?
  9. hello I need to combine multiple text files in one I mean to stitch them one after the other is there a program that can do this? I used TXT Collector and Text Magician but none did it (there are 100,000 txt files) thanks
  10. okie I must be affected by biology books :S
  11. hello can you tell me please if this has ever crossed your mind: some of the small cells/chips of the processor seem to somehow get aged, they are burned during the usage of the processor and its abilities decline I see this in all of my pc's, while they worked well in the previous years, now they don't do it as well, and I use the SAME programs I would like to see opinions and references on this is there an age-decline on processors? thanks
  12. hello can you tell me please how do I completely uninstall that 'live search' thing that comes up whenever I try to open an unreachable website? thanks
  13. hello one simple question: bigger monitor means less scroll bars? it's the first time I will buy monitor > 15" I suppose it depends on resolution, but roughly? is the above statement true? thanks PS: big monitor would mean more eyeball movements, right? is this causing eye strain?
  14. hello I am interested to find wrist watch that can: measure heart rate play mp3 and send the sound via bluetooth do you know any? thanks PS: yes, it's for sports training
  15. hello I have two telephone devices in one phone dialup line (one phone number) in my home, so that when I open the one telephone, I can hear the person that speaks on the other thelephone. Is there a way to prevent/block this? I mean when a telephone is opened, the other telephone should NOT hear the person speaking thanks
  16. hello I often browse the web and I need to show things to another person (who is far away) as I browse them so we both sit infront of our pc's and we talk over the phone in order to tell him to check out what I currently browse, I use tinyurl.com and tell him to visit the website I am visiting is there any solution to make this faster? to remotely browse the net in his pc, or to send him the links of the websites I visit, with an easier way? thanks
  17. hello I have XP and adsl connection with a Speedtouch 530 router I connect the router to the pc with usb then I connect the router via ethernet to my laptop I want to make the pc to connect only at specific speed the other bandwidth must be available only for the laptop is it possible? thanks
  18. colore

    bandwidth manager

    hello I am having trouble to make any bandwidth manager to work with my stripped xp is there any guidelines what files to preserve, what program to use etc? thanks
  19. colore

    Winows 2003 R2

    hello nlite works with Windows 2003 Enterprise R2? if yes, can nlite help me remove some server features from it? or it just offers to remove the same stuff as in xp? thanks
  20. colore

    netmon and nlite

    can you tell me please where I can download and install NetMon it's needed for WinPcap thanks
  21. hello can you tell me please what causes this popup when windows explorer.exe starts? thanks
  22. colore


    believe it or not, all this problem is caused by opera 9.5.9562 what a buggy piece of software
  23. colore


    I didnt have the problem before the RAM, this is what makes me anxious oh, and its a laptop...
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