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  1. hello I have a device that supports microSD cards it stores there the files and then I can transfer them via usb to my pc is there a workaround to always have the device connected to my pc and automatically transfer the files on the fly as they are created? or make them be stored in my pc directly? thanks
  2. colore


    hello I got new RAM, 2GB and I scanned it with memtest for 1.4 hours, without error, is this enough to say that the memory is OK? I am saying this because I experience strange things in my pc, the GUI of applications fades out or looses its color when I put the window of an application in the background and then bring it in front thanks
  3. any benchmark to compare win2003 and winxp for desktop use?
  4. the problem is not that it doesnt recognize the cores the problem is that it doesnt utilize the cores
  5. hello is it true that win 2003 is better than xp for desktop usage? which win 2003 version is best for desktop usage? my win 2003 version is 5.2.3790.3959 is there any new? whats the current version? thanks
  6. people, there are so many shells, why could these cause such a major problem? I am interested in this
  7. sir, where are '3rd party shell extensions' are listed in Autoruns please ?
  8. is there a fix for this?
  9. hello my laptop has Intel T2050 dual core with WinXP Pro SP2 Corporate edition I notice using Lavalys Everest, that under all circumstances, only core #2 is utilized and the core #1 doesnt utilize at all even if I run one or more programs I have done everything is mentioned here http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=60416 but I see no result can you tell me please what may happen? thanks
  10. this? http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysintern...s/AutoRuns.mspx its very complicated, I wouldnt like to load all this info just to load the 'add remove programs'
  11. I am interested in http://xpis.alfaspace.net/ but it doesnt work
  12. hello is there away to replace 'add and remove programs' of winxp? its so limited in features and slow thanks
  13. can you tell me please how to remove the 'you have 24 pending requests' from msn messenger? thanks
  14. colore

    replace shell

    hello I want to change (improve) these default winxp programs: windows explorer, notepad, windows search utility, windows shell is there a way to change them from scratch? to make a winxp installation that will have them replaced? also, can you tell me please some good replacements that are proven to be faster? thanks
  15. hello can you tell me please the best winxp shell alternative and any comparison table or review thanks
  16. hello I made an account in ebay to contact a person for an item, but because I have no feedback I cant can anyone add me some feedback please ? thanks
  17. can you tell me please how to remove an annoying tooltip 'windows live messenger' that pops up every time I hover over a contact in msn messenger 8 thanks
  18. hello is there a program for yahoo web mail and hotmail that will enable me to to auto download ALL emails of ALL accounts and be able to search in ALL for text to autocheck for new emails even bulk ones thanks PS: I checked eprompter and I didnt like it since it doesnt do the first of the above
  19. WinXP! (obviously, since its winxp forum)
  20. hello default file search in winxp (windows explorer search) is very annoying and slow is there any alternative that I can totally replace it? (not a standalone program but a fully integrated one) thanks
  21. colore


    hello can you tell me please a program that will autofocus/autoraise/activate the window by hovering over its button in the taskbar? thanks
  22. colore


    anyone please ???
  23. colore


    mm is there a way to restore what its needed whithout having to reinstall winxp? I lost my presets
  24. colore


    okie, here it is
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