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    XP SP3

    hello I haven't come up with recent tech developments and I missed all the conversation about SP3 I am currently on XP Pro SP2 (32bit), is there a real reason to install SP3? will this cause any problems? anything else I need to know before proceeding? thanks
  2. hello I changed the usb slot I usualy connect my printer to my laptop now it doesn't seem to communicate at all what is the problem? why changing usb slot caused this? how can I fix it? there is some kind of port configuration in printer properties, but how should I know LTP1,2,3 and COM1,2,3 which to choose? or there is something I miss? thanks PS: this problem has occured again and I had to reinstall the printer to fix it
  3. hello do I need to upgrade firstly to SP2 and then to SP3 of Office 2003? also, do I need an SP3 specific for my language of Office? last, is there SP4? and do I really need to upgrade my Office 2003 to SP3? thanks
  4. hello sometimes the position of desktop icons is altered, especially after crash-and-restart (can't remember other situations, but it seems to happen commonly) this can be annoying, since the topography of my desktop icons is essential, because I place specific icons in specific order and position in the desktop to organize them, to remind me tasks to do, etc is there any technique to fasten the desktop icons to their positions? a winxp trick or a desktop replacement? (although I would prefer the first way) thanks
  5. thank you very much I wonder, if I use a 8GB usb drive in a win98 (or older) pc, it won't recognize it? (since there is some restriction about 4GB in older Windows versions) thanks
  6. hello do you have any idea for a usb stick that its form would be small (tiny if possible) and convenient? there are pen usb drives, key holders, locket etc, but I would like something very small that will take minimum space thanks
  7. hello my internet connection behaves strangely lately, eg seems to block specific sites, being slow, disconnect frequently, etc although it my be my ISP problem, I would like to make sure my pc is free from ANY type of malware, viruses, hijackers, spyware, worms, etc what should I do? which is the range of programs to use in order to detect any possible threat? the last time I was occupied with this matter, there were a couple of programs, each for specific malware, so no single application could detect all threats thanks
  8. thanks but what can I do? here is heavy winter and I need to heat my room
  9. hello after my laptop gets over-heated and it closes itself, I get this in my desktop: in my desktop settings I have nothing that enables 'active desktop' is there any way to prevent this from appearing after I start XP? apart from the apparent not to shut down abnormaly, since my laptop gets over-heated and it closes itself many times it is annoying having to click this each time thanks
  10. hello can you tell me please why although I tick this checkbox, everytime I run msconfig, it still asks me this annoying question after I reboot? thanks
  11. hello my laptop closes itself sometimes, probably due to increased heat I think it does this because now I use a USB modem, instead of a router that had its own power supply is this true? thanks
  12. hello I was using a software (mirc) and this software reads a txt file (script.ini) to perform some actions, it does NOT write on this file anything but when the power of the laptop stopped, and I had to reboot, this file was corrupted (it contained NULL characters when opened with notepad) 1. is there a way to restore it? 2. why this happened? I mean, since there was no write activity at this file at all, why just reading the file got the file corrupted? is it winxp or hard disk's fault? 3. how can I prevent such failures in the future? thanks
  13. hello I have read all the replies on this topic: http://www.msfn.org/board/OS-faster-pc-t124421.html even if it ended up a windows vs linux debate, most agreed that XP is the best choice but you know what? XP need a periodic reinstall in order to run smooth and this is what bugs me most, while I read Vista are supposed to run for many months without any performance decrease is this true?
  14. indeed its GPU is awful, but I wouldn't run aero anyway, I would run vista without aero
  15. it came with xp home edition, it cannot even run 64bit stuff
  16. Power settings in Control Panel Set to Always On and disable Hybernation wow thanks!!! I can't believe I was using the half power of my notebook for all this time!!!
  17. I really don't know, how can I change this?
  18. hello I wonder which would be more responsive and run faster: 1) XP SP2 2) XP SP3 3) Vista (all 32bit, since I cannot run 64bit) this is my notebook: (if any additional info is needed I will post it) thanks
  19. I use Abbyy Finereader Pro 9 and Plustek Opticbook 3600
  20. is wimfltr the only I need? or I need both the #11 post? and should I trust the anonymous_user or it's a virus?
  21. there is no copy of v1.1.6 at vlite website...
  22. hello I scan at TIF 600dpi greyscale in my scanner as you can see in this screenshot, the scanner somehow produces images with some marks around the characters, I don't know if glossy paper is responsible for this (the marks look like reflections) or the scanner or something else this is the crop of a scanned page: this is the same crop but with lowered brightness and contrast in photoshop that makes those marks much more visible: the marks around the characters cause problems to the OCR program and this reports some characters as 'uncertain characters' or recognizes them erroneously do you know what causes this and if there is a way to fix it thanks
  23. is there an automated tool that fix this WAIK necessity? an exe to run it and be ok? it's not me being lazy, it's because there are files needed, folders, etc that I cannot catch up an autoit/autohotkey script would be marvelous to have and fix at once the WAIK problem
  24. unfortunately I can't find such information in the scanner specs and menufacturer doesn't provide such information I would suppose a general information webiste about how scanners work would give such info
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