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  1. Test write is traditionally a way to understand what "real life" maximum burning speed you can achieve on a given system. There are a lot of factors affecting these, and expecially with relatively slow buses and actual CD/DVD burners without a big cache or other form of overflow correction, it was quite normal to have a coaster as a result. The test is meant as a simultaion to measure actual data transfer speed available. In any case burning a bootCD at "maximum" speed is not a good idea, even today. For CD, lowest possible speed is advised. For DVD, medium speed seem to be better. jaclaz I'm not entirely sure where this "slow is better" mantra came from... Modern drives have write strategies tuned for high speeds. Want to test it out, have a Lite-On burner? Grab KProbe, make some test burns, and scan for C1/C2 errors. As long as you have low C1 errors and no C2 errors, you have essentially a perfect burn... which is easily attainable with TY media and a good burner, even at high speeds (40x+). My advice for good burns: Buy good media (ex: Taiyo Yuden CD-R/DVD±R, Verbatim DVD±RW), use quality drives (Plextor, LiteOn). // I use nero to make a bootable cd, never used nLite to make or burn an ISO... and have never had a problem.
  2. I've noted the same behavior when integrating IE7 and RyanVM with nLite. I ticked the box, it grayed out when i restarted and stayed ticked. Is there any test to determine if its working, even in limited capacity? I wonder...
  3. kai445


    I use Windows XP Professional SP2 VLK with no issues.
  4. Would it be possible to add the nLite components to the standard windows component infs in add/remove programs so when you remove a component you can just recheck a box to reinstall it (please insert CD blah blah). ...after I skimmed some threads of users having issues with removing too many things, I figured this might be a good idea. Maybe not a do-able thing, but I figured its worth throwing the idea out there.
  5. kai445

    x64 totally broke.

    Its not just me... its many users who hate WGA... The corporate users who refuse to roll out WGA to thousands of licensed desktops. The home users who have problems with WGA and their legit copies of windows (microsoft admits to about 20% of all reports are false positives). The power users that dont want what is essentially spyware calling home every day (or at all). The lawyers and their concerned clients who are suing microsoft to keep it out of their operating system. The RyanVM users that participate in the "Modified Ryan's pack 2.0.7 without WGAtray" thread at 6600+ views and 70+ posts, who dont want it in the pack to begin with. And Ryan, who finally has decided not to continue its inclusion in the main pack starting with version 2.1.0 (who will be creating a seperate addon pack for the stubborn users who demand it). The pirates? They hack WGA. WGA doesnt pose a problem to pirates. Anything can and will be cracked. WGA. It does not make sense. p.s. I welcome you to try and kick my a**.
  6. kai445

    x64 totally broke.

    I love the pack, with the exception of WGA included, which he is going to remove soon... so the pic is gone now. I still dont like him, and he doesnt like me, but thats okay.
  7. kai445

    x64 totally broke.

    It was connected as master, but jumper was set to slave... I swear I used the exact same disc, reinstalled another time, and it worked. Only change was jumper setting. It read discs but somehow it managed to throw off the windows setup!
  8. kai445

    x64 totally broke.

    *** UPDATE *** Check your f'n jumper settings... the drive had slave jumper and was on the master cable... that totally threw me. For future ref if anyone else has these probs check my logs, and f'n... if you have those errors thats your prob.... THANK YOU.... lol...
  9. kai445

    x64 totally broke.

    Yeah, the thing is I *didnt select those for removal* ... and I think they are even on the disc?!?! There is like... iexplore.ex_ and s*** right on the cd!
  10. kai445

    x64 totally broke.

    Okay here are all 4 setup logs.... please, please let me know what is up. I formatted a full (not quick) NTFS format last time I formatted... wasted so much time for nothing. Athlon 64 3700+, eVGA 133-KE-NF41-XX motherboard, 1gb patriot ddr400 2-3-2-5 ram, geforce 7600gt, 160gb refurb hard drive. .... Thanks man. These errors mean i have no idea what. setuplogs.zip
  11. kai445

    x64 totally broke.

    Tried with no addons, same difference. I'm going to check out setuperr.log, thanks for advice, ill attach it or get to the bottom of this. I appreciate your timely response sooo much man, thanks.
  12. I have a legit, hologrammed copy of XP Pro x64 Corporate (MSDN). Copy CD to Hard Drive nLite 1.0 Final (Integrate NFM x64 Update Pack + DirectX Addon) EVERYTHING is gone. Nothing seems to install. My "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" are like ~10MB put together. I wanted to *keep* IE. I made *SURE* I was working on the correct directory, straight from a copy from the CD. The CD is perfect and has no scratches. My .ini is attached. Please help, Thank you all, Kai445 Last_Session.ini
  13. Just use RyanVM's pack. He's a giant douche and the pack slowly has junk creeping into it (WGA, WGA Tray Notifications). But other than that, its relatively good.
  14. We're better off using 2000(SP4) or XP(SP2) as a base and stripping it down, not taking a stripped down OS and trying to build on top of it.
  15. (highlight below to reveal hidden text) What you'll need is AntiWPA ("Antiwpa-V3.4.6 for X64 and X86.zip" is the latest, afaik). There is an automated method of integrating it into your install CD, "PencilNeck's Antiwpa3 integration patch 1.1 for X86" is what you're after. antiwpa (dot) org (dot) ru

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