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  1. Lucky gits. I have MS Office 2007 Enterprise already, I'll get Vista Ultimate (which has more than Business) on the new laptop I'll be getting. How did you people know about this site? Are there others like this? Was it for US only?
  2. Get rid of it altogether. Its just not needed, and WD is appalling IMO. I don't think so. I mean, for freeware, I can understand it being there, of course. But if you have TuneUp Utilities, it isn't needed, I got rid of Firetune, used TuneUps tweaker, and the speed is as god as it was with Firetune. But yeh, as you're promoting freeware, not shareware, keep it. Maybe. I think its worth putting Comodo in there. And definitely Avast. As an alternative sure. But most people just use an online email account, Windows Live Mail is brilliant.
  3. I agree. I don't see the big issue with it. Only time I don't like it is on the desktop, but it when balancing visuals with what Tarun says, it ain't worth it.
  4. I would gladly switch. I would switch to TuneUp's DiskCleaner and RegCleaner, but Cleaner cleans out program junk, not just windows, which TuneUp doesn't do. Do you still use AVG Anti-Spyware? I really don't like it, nor do I think its needed in any Anti-Malware package. Also, I don't need Firetune as TuneUp tunes up Firefox as well. Also, I really have never seen the bonus to having Thunderbird. All the other stuff in your Pro kit I agree with. You should put Avast in there, as well as the firewall that comes out best in the tests.
  5. Brilliant. Look forward to 4.6 final.
  6. I don't see a thing I'm afraid....
  7. I can't see that picture, just goes to the main site. I agree though, I never patch the boot screen with XPize's.
  8. Because TuneUp can do way more than CCleaner, but CCleaner is much better than TuneUp's DiskCleaner.
  9. Yeah, I like it, anyways, that animation is just to show you're moving stuff, could be moving anything.
  10. Combination, full list of stuff below: Anti-Spyware: Ad-Aware SE Personal, SpywareBlaster, Spybot Anti-Virus: Avast Home Edition Browser: Firefox Disk Management: CCleaner, Disk Cleanup (Included in Windows), Disk Defragmenter (Included in Windows) DVD: AnyDVD, Daemon Tools, Nero 6 Reloaded, Power DVD, UltraISO File-Sharing: uTorrent Firewall: Comodo Pro Graphics: Paint.NET Instant Messenger: Windows Live Messenger with A-Patch Media Player: Windows Media Player 11 (audio and streaming videos), Media Player Classic (downloaded videos - included in K-Lite Mega Codec Pack) Office: Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise PC Visuals: LClock, XPize Tech Tools: Dial-a-fix, HijackThis, Unlocker, Utilities: Everest Ultimate Edition 2006, Foxit PDF Reader, K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, PowerArchiver 2006, TuneUp Utilities 2007, Tweak UI, UPHClean Only the following cost money from the list above; AnyDVD, Nero 6 Reloaded, Power DVD, UltraISO, Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise, Everest Ultimate Edition 2006, PowerArchiver 2006, TuneUp Utilities 2007
  11. Thats kinda sad, but I am very happy with the green start button that you put up, and from what I can see there are no more bugs. Only thing I recommend is is that you link to the green start button download on deviantart, so people have the option there if they wish.
  12. Brilliant. Might get some more good packs.
  13. This should be good. If you want icons, and I think it would be awesome to have Vista icons in the mod, you can get the set over at: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Enhan...Installer.shtml Also, what theme is going to be used for this?
  14. They're all ugly icons...........
  15. Good, good, maybe there should be different options....
  16. I'm glad I haven't applied the updated version of Orb 2.2, is it always blue, rather than green?
  17. Brilliant, thanks for the update.
  18. Good point, I was wondering myself....

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