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  1. SSD vs RAMDrive

    Well, isn't a RAMDrive naturally faster but not really of much use when storing data?
  2. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    I have a question about this: Well I do have a XP/Mandriva Linux-Dual-Boot since I only use my XP for games I made several tweaks so that XP can use the hardware ressources mainly for OSes like switching to Win2k style, low desktop resolution, kill services and so on... would MicrowinX be a good gaming OS? Intel Core 2 Duo @ 1,86/2GB Ram/ATI Radeon X1650 Pro2 (256MB)
  3. Can Windows XP run from slave? (Linux on master)

    thx man I will give it a try this weekend when I have time to open my system edit: well, I think it does matter that both are SATA-Drives and not ATA/IDE about that cable-select, doesn't it?
  4. hi, am writing to you from my Mandriva-Linux-Config (really new to this), nice Distro I really like using it and I don't have to fear like on Windows, which I hacked to no end to have the visual look and functionality I wanted well nothing against XP it's a great OS but not save enough to not get destroyed by me well to my Problem: I have got 2 HDDs 1 Master HDD with 250GB I run Mandriva from and 1 Slave HDD with 160GB which I would like to use for XP (maybe my Vista System later) (cause gaming under Linux is not that good when you are gaming over network with windows users or play online, visualation just isn't the thing I want with Cadega and Wine) well my question is: Can Windows XP be forced to run from slave? I read a few articles and a few ones said it can't, other ones said that GRUB (Bootloader used by many Linux-Distros can force it to do so) Can you say me if I can run it from it without having trouble? Well I can still delete my Mandrivaconfig and reinstall it (which I will do sometime because I setup a few mistakes) Hope this is in the right forum for it... And you are experienced enough to help me Thx in advance
  5. uncool thing after deinstalling energize

    Thanks! It works!
  6. uncool thing after deinstalling energize

    well I think I had done it properly because I deinstalled XPize before Installing Energize but I have the feeling that this CandyXP-Apllication messed it up. I don't know how it works but it sure doesn't patch files...
  7. uncool thing after deinstalling energize

    Somebody help me please or please just say me what got broken during the process
  8. uncool thing after deinstalling energize

    so let's get this straight very nice work, peyronnx but I have got a serious problem with it First I had installed XPize then I got CandyXP to replace some icons with Vista icons after that I found Energize I thought: "Cool, I can replace my icons and dialogues with this!", and downloaded it. I deinstalled XPize, rebooted installed Energize, rebooted then I saw that some icons were in XP-Style still (e.g. My Pictures, folders, Computer, Workstation) ran CandyXP to restore icons most icons were in Vista style now and I decided to delete CandyXP so that it isn't in my way anymore some icons were still XP so I decided to reinstall Energize after deinstall this happened: the drive Icons still had this VistaBar under em so I installed CandyXP again and run restore it looked like this since then, even after reboot: not so cool... I want my icons be ok when I deinstall Energize I deinstalled now this CandyXP thing but what should I do to get my normal XP icons back?
  9. XPero's utilities

    I got an idea! What about a patch that can make rar-archives like XPs Zip-compressed folders! Is this possible, XPero?
  10. [How-to] MicrowinX Project

    I tried it and repaired windows it was interesting but I like it better the old way.... After repairing the green background image is still there at booting and the logon screen is not rendered correctly and looks pixelated now till I log in. Then it looks correct for a few seconds Please help me to remove the green image and make the logon screen right again!
  11. recover old bootscreen

    I ran XPize over my PC and have to say it looks great withe LE5! But there is one thing I don't like. It's the bootscreen. There isn't any sign of activity on it and I want the old one back! Can I change it with force reload? And how to do it?