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  1. Try the OEM / Universal ones, same stuff just cheaper, some even fit on more notebooks as well . Hmmm, its an american site, so not sure.
  2. The thing is, the bit I need replacing goes from the adaptor to the laptop. Would the two things posted provide that as well? EDIT: Just realised that is the permanent bit attached to the laptop. Cool, well, its a shame they're so **** expensive.
  3. My laptop is a Acer TravelMate 7514WSMI. S/N: LXTJU0X02872004D6C2000 SNID:72001982020 I can't find anywhere that sells a battery charger for it (mine has just started to fray). If someone could please find a charger for it, I'd be very grateful.
  4. Gonna look through those guides later. My bro got the DVD drive working through working in the registry, but even so, been thinking of putting xubuntu on there. I don't know where to find \I386 directory, and it some sort of Sony Vaio (on the right hand bottom corner it says PCG-FX105K but on the bottom of the laptop it says model PCG-9536. As I said though, don't have a reinstall CD, so thinking unless internet is sorted through it, most likely stick xubuntu on. But for the moment just want to get it working with what we have.
  5. Thanks. Not sure which of those tutorials applies to me (might ask on their message board?). In addition, some say I should use the 2000 disc, which I don't have. Won't be able to reformat I'm afraid, just got the laptop and a charger, no disc.
  6. My brother has got a free (given by a mate) Windows 2000 Professional laptop. The specs are Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Service Pack 4, 18GB hard drive (split into a 10 GIG partition for Windows and a 8 GIG partition for data), 391 MB RAM, not sure about the processor, and it some sort of Sony Vaio. It has two major and one minor issues: Ethernet - The major issue we really want to fix is this; my brother currently uses a VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter between this home PC (XP, 512mb ram, 1.6 ghz) and the xbox 360, so he can use internet on it. We have been trying (and wondering) if it is possible to use the Ethernet cable to get the internet working on the laptop? If it is, could someone please show us a guide on how to do this? DVD - There is a DVD drive on the laptop. However, Windows isn't picking it up (it isn't there in My Computer). if I select add/remove hardware through the control panel, it sees it; Hitachi DVD-ROM GD-S200. However, if I select it and go to next, I'm told that "The device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31). I have tried uninstalling the dvd drive from device manager, so that ti is reinstalled automatically when I restart, but to no avail. I have also tried updating the driver through windows, but again, the problem persists. How can I fix this? I can transfer anything through my usb if that is needed. USB - Inserting or taking out a USB when the computer is on causes the computer to freeze, the only way around this is to insert the usb when switched off and then start up, then turn off to take the usb out. Is there any way to fix this? All help would be really appreciated (especially the first two problems), so thank you in advance,
  7. Cheers. Don't really need them, though for those that do, thats cool. For those that have Realtek like me, just disable it from startup, and use windows sound tray, thats what I do.
  8. Wow, long time since I was last here (or at least it feels so). Anyways, I just got a new laptop, so I'm looking forward to this. Would test it, but I really don't wanan run the risk of screwing up my laptop. Good luck.
  9. I am looking forward to this a lot. May I ask will you need to install/uninstall XPize before hand?
  10. Sure, no problem. Its just annoying, particulary the bootscreen.
  11. Can't we have a blue version of the bootscreen below that is in XPize Darkside? Will these other things be addressed? In particular the custom icons.
  12. Noticeable changes I love: Logon screen Things to fix: IE7 patch didn't work, reverted back to IE6. Boot screen I still don't like, it needs to have an icon showing you that its active, like in the original. None of the Custom Icons installed.
  13. I'll try this out when I get home. I'll also update luna royale theme (I use orb).
  14. Shame to hear that, but no worries.
  15. Any idea when final version will be released?
  16. Unless I'm blind, I can't see much of a difference/
  17. I know its all sorted, but just in case this ever happens again; http://www.110mb.com (don't be fooled by the site link)

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