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  1. Thanks, is there no way I cna manually change anything though?
  2. Orb release looks perfect, its the one tiny gripe Ive ever had, always though that the flag looks too small but this should be perfect.
  3. The following haven't been XPized on my PC, I have tried reloading, force reloading, reinstalling, uninstalling and installing again, to no avail: The Custom PDF Icon - I use Foxit Reader (http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/rd_intro.php) The Custon AVI Icon - I use K Lite Mega Codec Pack (http://www.free-codecs.com/download/K_Lite_Mega_Codec_Pack.htm) And, most annoying, is the PC Display picture that surrounds your desktop (you see it on Display Options under Control Panel, or by right-clicking on desktop and selcting Properties). I will add any more if I can find any, lol, but I think thats it, please tell me if there is any way of fixing it manually, or whether I should just wait for the new relase. Thanks for this great product. And when will XPize 4.6 be released? Thanks again.
  4. How long will it take XPero till XPize 4.6 is released?
  5. This and Luna Royale (Blue with Coloured Flag) and this will make XPize amazing.
  6. Looks very nice, though I'm not a fan of Black Themes, is the original Blue VS going to be included in the next version of XPize still?
  7. I quite like Luna Element, 4 is better than 5 generally, but, after a while I find it to be dark, too depressing. I've tried loads of themes, but the best have gotta be, in order: Luna Royale Royale Luna Element 4 Luna Element 5
  8. Excellent, will download when back at home, can't wait for this to be in XPize, its better than Royale, which used to be No1.
  9. I assume Version 1.4 has the fixed transparency problem? I assume the "Same, but with Colored Flag Start Button... " link is 1.4 as well?
  10. I still going to be in the new version of XPize? I love this theme, so I hope it does..... What does the new Shell thingy actually effect though?
  11. I personally think that the link should be there, many people may download your program, use it, and some time in the future, wonder where it was form, and won't have bothered to bookmark it. This is the icon that I mean, now it is the patched version, because I reverted back to 4.3, but 4.4 brings it up as the old version: The WMV icon thing is explained then, maybe its an icon you shoudl patch (?), thanks, now all is left is the dial-up and the PDF icon.
  12. The dialup has just reverted back to the default XP icons/pics, looks horrible. Also, WMV icons aren't patched, has the icon from K Lite Mega Codec Pack (which I use). Edit: XPize doesn't patch WMV files, does it? I reverted back to 4.3, which has fixed the dialup problem, but not the WMV problem. And one other thing, how come the link to your site isn't in the Start Menu bit anymore?
  13. eTrust, tiny resource usage, but still very powerful. Avast is pretty good.
  14. ZoneAlarm Pro edition, Outpost caused problems on various PC's I have owned.
  15. It sounds like a good idea to me, its hte one thing that the Royale theme is lacking in my opinion.
  16. Its reverted back to the old icon after the installation of XPize 4.4, tried XPize Reloader, and Force Reloader, to no avail, can anyone help, or are they the removed icons as described in the Changelog (below), and if so why? "- Removed cmdow.exe - Removed filemon.exe - Removed regmon.exe" Also, the PDF icon is occupied by Foxit Pro Reader's (my PDF reader; http://ww.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/rd_pro.php), tried XPize Reloader, and Force Reloader, again, to no avail. Cheers.

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