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  1. Thank you for your opinions, gonna leave the 16 color icons. And in my opinion as well the 256*256 icons take up way too much space, gonna remove them. Yes, it's all going to be Vista and Vista-like icons. I have taken them from Energize, XPize, VTP, from around the net and some I've even made myself Almost done now.
  2. Ok, but in a normal environment they are not needed? If I ever get a system failure I just reinstall (15min of staring at a progressbar).
  3. Hiyas I'm making my own shellpack using XPeros installer system and I was wondering do I need to save all the 256 color (8 bit) and 16 color (4 bit) icons? Shouldn't XP be able to use the 32-bits icons everywhere? Cause some icons only have 32*32, 4-bit icons. Shouldn't I be able to replace them with 32*32, 32-bit?
  4. Check out this topic to get the needed files and key. Then just borrow a friends Xp Home and throw the oembios.* files and winnt.sif on it and you are good to go.
  5. No problem with the link, works fine for me with FF 2.0
  6. That and more stuff is located in syssetup.dll. For an easy way to edit WinNtBBU.dll look here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...p;hl=winntbbued
  7. Thanks DigeritePrime, didn't know there was any mods for it.
  8. Check your XPCD, you might find a folder named "Support" there, in it you will find a folder named "Tools". Now in there is a CAB file named DEPLOY.CAB, just use WinRAR to unRAR it. Now you should have a file called setupmgr.exe which is a Microsoft made program to do the answer file, you'll also find ref.chm, which is the helpfile.
  9. 1. Deus Ex (by far the best game ever made) 2. Operation Flashpoint + Expansions 3. Heroes of Might and Magic 3
  10. The only way to access the Administrator account in XP Home is in SafeMode.
  11. Could the "old computer" icon be added to the changelist of XPize?
  12. Look in the middle of this page: http://herby.virtualplastic.net/diwt.htm Not sure if it works, haven't tested.

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