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  1. Hi all! I want my PC to run as fast as possible. Since Windows XP/Vista use too much resources and Windows 95/98/Me do not support my drivers/programs I have the choice between Windows 2000 and Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs. I would like to know which operating system uses less resources (in general, independent of my actual CPU and RAM) so that most of the resources can be used by my programs. I do not need a colored GUI or any visual effects which means that I would use the classic theme and start menu in case of WinFLP. Which version of Windows do you recommend? Thank you!
  2. That's exactly what I think! XPize becomes more and more another Vista transformation thing... I already didn't like the Luna Royale theme in XPize. Don't get me wrong it's a really nice theme but it looks too Vista-ish for Windows XP. XPize should stick to Windows XP resources to keep the original XP look and feel! If you want it to look like Windows Vista you can use one of those Vista transformation packs...
  3. Hi XPero, the small yellow exclamation mark in the "End Program" dialog has not been xpized yet. Can you please replace it with the icon you used in the Device Manager?
  4. That's right, but Anyway, the rectangle remover should be an "extra" so that the user can decide whether he wants it or not.
  5. Hey! An Universal Focus Rectangle Remover has been released. Look here: http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=532256 The ugly focus rectangles are absolutely not needed and have annoyed me since years... IMHO they are a style problem and have to be removed, so please XPero, add the remover to XPize 4.6
  6. Hi XPero, I wondered why you used the icon which is normally used for file attributes as document icon in the file copy animation. Same in the file delete animation. Could you please change it to the proper document icon like the one from the "My Documents" folder? It would fit better to the other icons.
  7. Please add this patch!! I hate those ugly focus rectangles!
  8. Will this be changed in the next version of XPize?
  9. I found another old icon which is not xpized yet. I guess it's stored in sfc_os.dll. See screenshot.
  10. XPero, what about xpizing the icons in registry editor e.g. computer and folders? Will it be done in the next version of XPize?
  11. I found a little bug in XPize. The wallpaper in display properties doesn't fill the whole monitor. Same with the screensaver. See attached image.
  12. Check this out: Link: http://www.istartedsomething.com/20061029/royale-noir/
  13. After hours of testing, searching and reading I found out that the error occurs due to changes in the layout.inf which is digitally signed. I apologize for blaming the error on XPize Furthermore I read that one can hack the layout.inf or another file in order to prevent Windows setup giving an error when the file has been modified. Does anybody know how to do this?
  14. Thanks for your fast reply. I thought about it and yes I made other changes to my Windows installation files before Here's exactly what I did: At first I integrated SP2 into my XPCD folder using the /integrate switch. Then I replaced the Luna theme with the Royale theme (including bliss.jpg and logon.scr) and changed all Luna resources in the dosnet.inf, layout.inf and txtsetup.sif to Royale. After this I replaced the logonui.exe, msgina.dll and shell32.dll in my XPCD folder with xpized ones (same file version) since I wanted to integrate the logon, logoff and shutdown screens into my installation. I used modifype and makecab on each file. I tested my installation and everything worked fine until that point. At last I integrated XPize into my XPCD folder and when I tried to install Windows the error occured. I hope this is enough information for you to tell me how to avoid the error. Thanks for your support.

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