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  1. i think c# is bloody brilliant. i just wish it was possible to protect your code that's the part i hate most about it.
  2. what OS version are you finding works best on your AMD? 10.4.3 has been pretty good to me
  3. get regmon and filemon from sysinternals and see for yourself. http://www.sysinternals.com/SystemInformationUtilities.html
  4. a big thanks lord-nikon, you just saved me a 1.3gb download
  5. i've never heard of this setting before, but my guess is that it exists for monitor compatibility issues. i.e. to prevent unsupported rates you could lock it @ 60 or 70 hz edit: also a word of caution: if there is no hardware check on this setting you can probably permanently damage your monitor by using a wrong setting.
  6. wow. i just learned a name that i won't forget!
  7. it could also be time to chkdsk your harddrive. (start > run > chkdsk /f and restart for it to run) filesystem errors can make the drive report wrong amount of freespace.
  8. unfortunately i think that may be your best bet. here's the microsoft article on your problem: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=330182 and here's a page dedicated to STOP errors (yours is 7E in the left column) http://aumha.org/win5/kbestop.htm
  9. good plan! would you please attach your modified installer for us? i won't be able to get my hands on installshield for a couple days.
  10. to get rid of it just replace the boot record where GRUB resides. i.e. if it's on your MBR just stick a default bootrecord back on. as far as which distro goes....try a few different ones and see what you like. ubuntu is very nice, and i also like MEPIS
  11. well, i've reproduced a strange bug that causes nod32 to scan your 'A' drive on windows startup and shutdown. (even tho both boxes i reproduced it on didn't even have an 'A' drive, AND had AMON switched off) it's probably a known issue i'm just too busy to research it. it's the only problem i've ever had with NOD32 and i still highly recommend it.
  12. i was wondering the same thing, if anyone had figured this out yet
  13. you hit it on the head digerati. way way too ambitious. i can't even fathom how much work that would be. writing the engine is one thing, but can you imagine having to do all that artwork and animation?? yikes.
  14. it's always come down to these 2 antivirus for me too. i've used both for a really long time. unfortunately, the newer NOD32 builds have been slightly unreliable for me lately. kaspersky 6 on the other hand has been rock solid for me. very very reliable. i would have released the final a while back i think their speed & accuracy are comparable and i can easily recommend them both! as a matter of fact, they're the only antivirus i recommend to people.
  15. mcafee has only ever been mediocre. nothing special.
  16. can i get a refund of my braincells? i think 50 popped when they saw this thread title. i dare not read more
  17. utorrent for torrents. emule for edonkey network. i was very sad to see razorback2 in the news a while back i don't use gnutella network because it's for silly people.
  18. put the $oem$ folder in the root of your CD. (put it inside i386 for floppy installs is what i remember)
  19. AMEN. preach on Andromeda!!! you always seem to be right
  20. strange problem. i would try disconnecting the cd-rom drive and renaming cdrom.old back to .sys and see if it still happens. also, (and this is a long shot) sometimes i've seen strange behavior from windows when i use cable select on IDE devices instead of specifically choosing master/slave
  21. there's no magic way to produce detail from nothing. it's a mathematical impossibilty. i've seen a bit of actual forensic image analysis...and they don't use CSI magic. instead they rely heavily on viewing the image under varying contrast levels to better expose detail. they use software to darken or lighten shadows to make details more noticeable, not to produce detail that wasn't there before.
  22. hahahahahah LMAO that's just classic. symantec is lucky they never asked me! as far as antivirus goes, check out kaspersky 6. it's very stable, has low impact on performance, and the installer is .msi so if you're in a corporate environment it's very easy to rollout.
  23. don't forget about cabview.dll regsvr32 /s /u %windir%\system32\zipfldr.dll regsvr32 /s /u %windir%\system32\cabview.dll

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